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We present these articles related to the Comet Ping Pong Pizza scandal as we have found them. If they are true, then America needs to aggressively prosecute these sick child predators.   -- GENERAL JIM.


General Jim exposes both ancient and contemporary sex-sins pederasty and pedophilia (along with ephebophilia, gerontophilia, necrophilia, sadism, masochism, bestiality, bisexuality, male/female homosexuality, transgenderism, adultery, incest, masturbation, all forms of fornication, etc., etc.

         There is a recent scandal being exposed not by the liberal media (for that would “point the finger” at TOP governmental / military / law enforcement / religious leaders of America!), but by the underground media outlets and concerned U.S. citizens. That SCANDAL is PIZZAGATE (see “Jezebel Defeated,” DVD #3, for exposure of these SICK PSYCHOS that need to be LOCKED UP FOR LIFE!).

         Rape, forced sex, murder and (sometimes) cannibalism is being forced upon (very small) boys and girls, older children and teens . . . . Hedonism (developed by Greek philosopher Epicurus) RULES. This philosophical system holds PLEASURE to be the defining principle of human life.

         Living merely for hedonistic sexual pleasure perverts and subverts the whole moral order and literally poisons the very fountain of morality. All satanic and deviant forms of sexual (mis)behavior, deemed “PLEASURABLE” by DISGUSTING SELF-LOVING PEOPLE, are always “logically justified” by those who engage in them.

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       — by General James Green