EXACTLY!! We are living in Transmogrifying Times alright. Transmogrify means: to change completely; transform, especially in a grotesque or strange (“queer”) manner. The “Left” psychos have seen to this—along with some “Right” liberals.

The prophetic Word of the Lord given at Shiprock, New Mexico (Dec. 1998) under the title “The Great Division,” (up on our website, speaks of America being split in half. The left wing activists, anarchists, progressives, socialists, communists, feminists/Lesbos, atheists, blah, blah, blah are all coming out to fight America’s new president, Donald Trump. Trump’s slogan—“Make America Great Again” has these sickos up in arms (even literally in some cases!).

All these undesirables have one thing in common: they HATE anything that smells of godliness/righteousness. They are laws unto themselves who laboriously generate propaganda and fake news to cover up their real intent: to take America all the way to the bottom of degradation. THE MISEDUCATION SYSTEM IS ALREADY A TOOL FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER IDIOTS, coupled with the MASS MEDIA FRAUDS promoting all this “Political Correctness.” America has, for years now, been dumbed down for these times.

The promoters of all this anti-Christ propaganda vary in size and importance. There is a grotesque horror/terror about their lives, and their agendas seem to culminate in force. To them, the American Way is to DOMINATE somebody else.

Some may doubt the authenticity of their reptilian plans to rule the world, but trust me, they are authentic enough. Read their plans/goals/agendas etc., their perspicuity can’t be mistaken. For decades now, their evil/stinking osmosis has been working very well…until now!; God has declared “Holy War.” HE HAS CAST DOWN QUEEN JEZEBEL HELLARY CLINTON AND PROCEEDS TO DISMANTLE THEIR GLOBAL/U.S.A. APPARATUS as I write this (March 21, 2017). Things are happening real fast: Child sex is being investigated, Obama’s army of malcontents are in derision, the Clintons are under investigation, and all pedophiles are under fire…

But undoubtedly the worst thing is the threat to Prez Trump’s life, his family, and his whole administration. We MUST hold all this up to God in prayer (see 1 Tim. 2:1, 2). We, as Christian believers, are obligated to pray for those in authority:

PRAY FOR [in favor of] THEM if they are doing what is right;

PRAY AGAINST THEM if they are violating God’s principles of operation for leadership.

Due in large part to the American Church—which has gone a whoring after other gods/money etc., America finds herself in this transmogrifying state. The Church has abysmally failed this nation. The leadership is no better than those political leaders who have led America into idol worship, adultery, homosexuality, abortion, theft etc., etc.

Until Now

UP UNTIL NOW, all human history has been only a perpetual and bloody immolation of countless millions of human beings in honor of some pitiless abstraction—God, country, power of State, national honor, historical/judicial rights, political liberty, religious liberty, public welfare…but NOW these things are wide open for investigation…NO LONGER CLOAKED IN DARKNESS.

Actually, politics and religion (by “religion” I mean man-centered, not Christ-centered) has, and currently is, masquerading as a contest of goodly/godly principles—for private advantage, and hardly ever for the collective. It has rightly been said of politicians and fake preachers that they are like an eel in the fundamental/religious mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. When the eel wiggles, he mistakes the agitation of his tail for the trembling of the edifice. As compared with the statesman, he suffers the disadvantage of being alive.

These politicians and fake preachers would have us believe, “I am a man/woman of principle. And my first principle is flexibility.” Will Prez Trump be like all the rest?


AH, THIS DEVILISH THING is what the NWO masters want. Despotism, which is of a very timorous nature, is never more secure of continuance than when it can keep men and nations in fear; and all its influence is commonly exerted for that purpose. This is what the “Deep State” presidents worked towards—from J.F.K.—D.J.T., The first was assassinated by the DS/CIA, the last Prez—D. J. Trump...we hope escapes their plan.

Despots (like what HELLary would certainly have become) do not ask their subjects/citizens to assist them in governing the state. Oh, no, they have become a law unto themselves. They applaud what is evil, and shun what is good. Under such rule, “misery and poverty,” as one writer states, “are so absolutely degrading, and exercise such paralyzing effect over the nature of men, that no class is ever really conscious of its own suffering.” I agree with part of that.


PROPAGANDA, POLICE, AND PRISONS all serve to reinforce the power of the few (“Elite”) and to convince or coerce the many (“us”) into acceptance of their brutal, degrading and enslaving system…the “Free World” is no longer FREE!

Work and War

LET ALL of us who know the Lord Jesus/are enlisted in His Army, WORK WHILE IT IS YET DAY…let us wage spiritual warfare against the powers that be in order that this nation can really be free—free of the blood-sucking parasites that make up the ‘Left.”

We all know, or should I say, we ought to know, the sine qua non of the New World Order is population control; these psychos want to CONTROL every aspect of our lives. This is what was in store for America, had not God stepped in when He did. PCism was literally dictating our lives for us. Population Control= “People Control.”

This would mean that we Christians would have to either submit or die!...and I do mean it in those terms. The information about the NWO was, in years gone by, hard to come by; SECRECY WAS THEIR COVER. They never expected God to step into the BIG picture— “Holy War”—never expecting Trump to win the presidency; they no longer cared if their agenda was leaked or exposed. Their goal was to create a generation of polymorphous perverts—hubris, narcissistic individuals who, being enslaved by their own sick and unnatural passions, would become their pink/purple/lavender army. I speak of the GLBTQP sickos. Obama spent 8 years grooming up this army of lawless perverts to raise Hell and to persecute any and all who did not conform. We all know by now that this was part of their plan—to belittle and degrade all those who believe the Bible. Sodomy is an abomination, and IT IS AGAINST all those who believe in decency. It even got down [debased] to pedophile perversion.

We are expecting that these child molesters will get what is coming to them. Both the Democrats and the Republicans (and others) are eyeball deep in all this: Predators to Pedogate, the U.S. is totally involved in perversions of every kind: rape, torture, murder, and even cannibalism!


WHAT IS NOB? It is “The NEW ORDER OF BARBARIANS.” Frankly, having Trump at the helm of this sinking, stinking nation has not made these “Left” psychopaths go away. They are barbarians.

The original founders/supporters of this NWO for the US can be traced back to J.D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie—who were to be agents of “social change” and “social control.” They have funded much of the “Gay Liberation” movement. They knew in advance that homosexuals were unstable, unloyal and unreliable—a perfect combo for GAY REVOLUTION. They knew that sexual deviancy could be institutionalized as official public policy. Their dreams came true!


I’M NOT REFERRING to the British rock group, but some of America’s rich/famous perverts who promote all this today: Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr., Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey...names we all know. All are anti-life, anti-Christ, anti-Christian, and faithful servants of the NWO. Along with these rich and famous souls is corporate America. The Federal government (up until now with Trump in office) has promoted these “gay revolutionaries,” including all mainstream media outlets. Last but not least are the Organized Crime folks who supply the drugs, porn, etc. which are staples of the Homosexual Movement.

Gay Way

YOU MAY as well get enlightened, my dear Americans, they are HERE and they are QUEER! The Homo Movement is, I believe, the nasty and deadly weapon the NWO uses against any and all who do not/will not, submit to the NWO agenda. The Homo Movement is the revolutionary vanguard of, as one author writes, “organized sexual deviancy.” This movement really started in the 1920s as the Sexual Liberation Movement (SLM), culminating in the formation of what was called the World League for Sex Reform (WLSR) in 1928. One needs to know that the main theme of WLSR was eugenics=RACE BETTERMENT THRU SELECTIVE BREEDING. But, lo and behold, its platform also included the REPEAL of anti-sodomy laws, AND the legitimization of homosexuality as an alternative form of sexual expression. That’s not all folks. Population control (male with male/female with female sex does not produce children…Duh!), sex education for schools, open marriage/legalized adultery, artificial reproduction, government sponsored/operated brothels, abortion-on-demand etc…are all part of the WLSR.

You see, all this was well planned out and implemented years ago—way before the 1960s Revolution–it just became more visible and known then.  I’ve written many articles on all this in our “Gay Way” series. It was Marxist Harry Hay who was the main promoter in his days, with his Mattachine Society, which promoted the homosexual revolution (see Stuart Timmon’s, “The Trouble with Harry Hay,” 1990. Timmon wrote Harry’s biography). Hay also had dealings with Gnostic Catholic masses and other occult things and people. Hay remained active in the Homo Movement throughout the sixties. He was a great admirer of NAMBLA (pedos), and he frequently spoke at their events. This communist leftist also founded, in 1979, the “Radical Faeries,” a mystical, neo-pagan homo movement.

Today this perversion movement has grown in numbers, has lots of political clout, lots of financial resources, and is becoming more and more violent. Since their sodomite captain, Obama, has gone from office, the movement lacks the political luster it has been used to. But it is still avant-garde.

What has always been viewed as a “sickness” and a “perversion” by most Americans, and especially by the Church—the Homosexual Movement/Perversion Movement (see Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Romans one; 1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim. 1:10), HAS NOW BECOME A VIRTUE AND A CIVIL RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED, ADVANCED BY THE STATE, AND CELEBRATED BY ALL!

I expect the Homo Movement to turn into a Homo Revolution (violent), for it is part of the “Left” that has declared WAR on Trump. Besides this, there are plenty of disgruntled clientele within the Movement that are looking for a way to vent their spleen in a violent melee. They are a dying people anyway, as they see themselves.


THIS IS WHAT is brewing. It has been said that insurrection of thought always precedes insurrection of arms. The movers and shakers of the “Left” are planning a 3 (or more!) million person march upon the White House (formerly the “Pink House”—under Obama) on May first. We’ll wait and see if this transpires. If it does, there will be violence. It is doubtful, at this date, that self-appointed Emperor, Obama, will lead the charge—seeing he is wanted by the officials for various crimes. Without him, things may not go accordingly as planned.

For decades, an undeclared revolution has been waged upon America. They slowly-but-surely are replacing governing principles with seditious ones—changing constitutional principles of this free society through systematic undermining. Foundational values are being replaced with communistic/perverse values, and America finds herself nearly stripped of all sanity, and this replaced with Political Correctness…the spiritual replaced with the satanic. Here we are folks: THOUGHT POLICE, SPYING, ARRESTING, PUNISHMENTS, ETC.—all brought in under socialist/Islamic/sodomite Obama’s reign of quiet revolution. Trump has replaced Obama, but much, most, of what Obama (and others before him) put in place remains. Had HELLary won the election, America would most certainly be under authoritarian dictatorship. As we should know, “revolution” is a brink surge toward human betterment (so-called), when a greater or lesser part of humanity is REDUCED by VIOLENCE to a state of incompatibility with their aspirations and necessities of life.

We’ve got work to do folks. Pray for America to be spared the fate of bloody revolution. Pray for the protection of the President, his family, and his administration. Even pray that some of the rebels themselves will find peace with God through Jesus. Preach and teach God’s Word, not only in some Church building, but in OPEN AIR, on the streets, and wherever there are lost souls. Pass out Christian materials. We offer free “ammo packs” of books, tracts, magazines, CDs and DVDs upon request.  LAUNCH YOUR OWN COUNTER- REVOLUTION. HONOR CHRIST.

In Sum

THE “LEFT” psychos are, as God has told us, CANNIBALS, who will eventually EAT each other to stay alive. Watch this happen as they, one-by-one, get investigated for the CRIMES they are GUILTY OF. These antagonists, between certain individuals (of the “Left”), will act like starvation victims who fight over a piece of bread...snatching mouthfuls from each is the enemy of the rest because each searches solely for his own well being. This, of course, and happy to report, is happening as I write. SOME WILL SQUEAL ON OTHERS TO SAVE THEIR BUTTS from going to prison. When the crap hits the justice fan, how many will be left to march under the banner of “liberalism?” Incapable of doing what is “RIGHT,” the “Left” will end in destruction…this is God’s “Holy WAR”!!!

     “To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. DELIVER ME, O Lord, from evil men; preserve me from violent men; they devise mischiefs in their heart; continually they gather together and stir up wars” (Ps. 140:1-2, Amplified Bible).

     The Psalmist prayed for deliverance from violent men: “Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent men who have purposed to thrust aside my steps” (v. 4), that is, throw him off balance. This is EXACTLY the strategy of the “powers that be” — to throw all of us off balance.

     The psalmist prays in verse 8: “Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked; further not his wicked plot and device...”

     Friends, this is WAR! Pity those who are dupes for the plutocrats, they will become like the hundreds we’ve prayed for: deranged, full of guilt, fearful, and bitter (if they survive their time in the war machine).


“Fight the good fight of faith” (1 Tim. 6:12).

General James Green