“Drain the Swamp?”

We’re Waiting, Mr. Trump!

Gen. James Green

LET’S BE HONEST: The contemporary Church and the State make up what is called the “Swamp.” Prez. D. J. Trump promised America, if elected as Commander-in-Chief, that he would do his best to DRAIN the swamp—meaning the corruption/disease that has been killing this nation for decades—from “sea to shining sea.”

In this land of opportunity, the state slowly-but-surely pushed (Biblical) Christianity out to sea; the family unit was replaced with same-sex unions/marriages, transgenders now enjoy the sweet demeanor of being “special,” and the Muslim Brotherhood slowly-but-surely has been put into high places in the U.S. government. Socialism (the Alinsky type) became the “Community Organizer” instead of the Church. It set the rules and standards for morality (which is immorality).

In short, the Church failed to be and remain the guiding light over America...instead, the “Left” has become the “progressive coalition.” The murdering of the unborn—epic crime!—became the darling of the “Left” (and too many of the “Right,” and/or “Christians” played along). For the Alinskyites, the revolutionary’s purpose was/is to UNDERMINE “the system” by promoting “Political Correctness,” and ousting “Biblical Correctness.”

You know the story. We’ve seen America deteriorate now for decades. Trump came on the scene promising to reverse things. America had hope! But as events unfolded, as we now are witnessing, that hope seems very distant. I know that God wanted Trump to fight for righteousness, not fight against it. Pray that he will obey God.



THIS IS NOT NEW. READ THE BIBLE. God calls certain men to rule in His behalf, they start out right, but go astray, hence, provoking His wrath. Some kings repented of their straying and got back to God; others perished in their PRIDE and REBELLION.

Isaiah chapter 3 records a case-in-point of the doom of rulers (3:1-15). Verses 1-7 are a threat of social anarchy, to follow when the LORD snatches away the men in key positions in Judah’s social structure. Verses 9-12 are a similar threat of society’s collapse, linked with a reproach given, as the reason for the collapse, the nation’s REBELLION against God’s supreme authority. Verses 13-15 are a reproach directed to the rulers themselves and accuse them of plundering the people committed to their change. Hello!

In other words, God was going to “drain the swamp!”

At this time in history, God has declared “Holy War” upon the whole world. This is a tantamount declaration in which the world is going to experience His terror. These are dark days indeed. Don’t be surprised at what you see and hear. Nations are in preparation for WAR. And there are nations (like Israel especially) that are pushing for war, hoping to USE America (once again!) to do their DIRTY WORK.

Here in Isaiah 3, the prophet’s warnings have become open threats—it is no longer a conjecture as to what may happen; it is a lurid picture of terror/chaos that awaits the “People of God” because of their pride and rebellion—two diseases that breed in the swamps.

America, I believe, is in this condition. Since the Church won’t repent, why would the State? When the laws of men supersede the laws of God—the inexorable laws of God—punishment is in order.

The EVILS/SINS/CRIMES which Isaiah denounced as the cause of the nation’s collapse can and will destroy the best of civilizations.

Corrupt politicians/religious leaders, unscrupulous demagogues, merciless exploiters of the poor and needy, crooked businessmen/women without conscience, greedy and lustful persons, moneylenders/filthy cheating bankers (who bleed their “victims” to death!) and sex-offenders of every stripe—especially pedophiles—all spell DISASTER for a nation.

Degenerate manhood/womanhood also make a nation SICK! Isaiah 3:16 points out “the daughters of Zion are haughty…have wanton eyes…” I MAY ADD HERE THAT THE “JEZEBEL SPIRIT” COVERS THIS LAND. This spirit has all but emasculated the male population. “Witches in britches” rule America. Note how many verses the prophet puts forth with blistering indictments against the (Jezebelian) women with their empty vanities, their ostentation, their vulgarity, etc.



NOW WE COME TO THE MAIN THEME OF CHAPTER 3: “And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be STINK…” (v. 24). The KJV uses “stink,” the RSV uses “rottenness.”

There are several Hebrew words under “stink”:

baash = Strong’s H887

This Hebrew word basically means to have a bad smell (as in Ex. 7:18; Gen. 34:30). In 1 Sam. 13:4 it means to be bad and abominable (like, take a holy bath!). In 1 Sam. 27:12, it means to be loathsome. In Job 31:40 it means a “stinking” weed;

maq, mak = Strong’s H4716

This second Hebrew word means putridity, i.e., rottenness, stink, as in Isa. 3:24. It also means to be corrupt and consume away, like a corruption in a body. That causes the body to slowly die.

Swamps literally stink! They are breeding waters for disease and are full of decaying matter—not something that one would like in his or her backyard ... yet America is ONE GIGANTIC STINK HOLE!!! ... so much so that the smell of putrefaction, i.e., the foulness effects nearly the whole atmosphere. And America thinks she is sooooo great!

Yes!, the STENCH of DECAY is atmospheric. The luxury and ostentation of anti-Christ living has become the sole objective and standard of most Americans—CONTEMPTUOUS OF OTHERS (LIKE “RACES”) AND INDIFFERENT TO THE HUMAN COST OF THE PRIVILEGES THEY ENJOY. This U.S. government literally LUSTS for blood and for the possessions of others...a dirty consuming force, violating every human right known to man. Trump mocked this when campaigning for prez, but now he has become this. We pray that he will come to his right mind (not the mind of the Globalists/occultists). Not that this aging playboy was ever righteous, but God wanted him to do differently.

Pride and rebellion are the surest criterion for disaster. If humility is lax or missing, more decay/rot will set in.


The Language

THE LANGUAGE OF GOD’S TRUE PROPHETS was very pointed ... hardly what we hear from these sissy-la-las called “ministers of God.” The true men/women of God—back then and today—can be described as (almost) brutal. Well, no doubt, for humans have become brute beasts in need of either taming or destroying.

The Globalist money-mongers have hearts of stone, they: instigate, promote and fund wars and revolutions all over the world — with the help of the C.I.A. / MI6 / Mossad / etc., they fund both sides of the conflicts they helped start. Jewish/Zionist money bankers have their Anglo-American money kings aboard ship to bankrupt or totally destroy ANY nation they target. The sordid Mass Media (fake news) manipulates public opinion in favor of BIG-spending, warmongering, AGGRESSIVE GLOBALISM, and the citizens pay for it thru taxes, TV, radio, internet, books/magazines, and newspapers...the “typhoid” journalism reporters never rest day or night when the Global Elite target someone or something to be DESTROYED. These “reporters” work around the clock manufacturing disinformation and BIG FAT LIES to DECEIVE the public—accelerating “false flag” ops globally. The latest, of course, was the false flag op in Syria—the gassing of civilians blamed on Assad. If believed by the dumbed-down public, Assad MUST GO!!! I’m sure we’re going to see more of this as the days, weeks, months, and years go by. Shadow manipulations are dangerous—psychologically dangerous, for they are designed to place the guilt upon a targeted individual, nation or nations.

Trump the Chump has played right into their dirty hands. He was black-mailed into compliance, or was skillfully manipulated by the Deep State/Globalists…either way, the trail leads back to Zionism/Israel.


Mind Control

I’VE WRITTEN ON THIS SO MANY TIMES that you would think people would catch on. HA! Most Americans are so dumbed-down; as one author wrote, “[they] manipulated the attitudes, opinions, and behavior of the American masses.” He continues, “A steady diet of subtle, embedded Left propaganda, pornography, homosexuality, and idiocy has inflicted enormous damage upon the American mind and soul.”

Well, America has been under (subtle) attacks by the liberal churches, Masonic Lodges, the occult, drugs, and vile/sick music/movies for so long, that it’s no wonder that it has soooo little resistance to the swamp diseases.

Don’t underestimate our shrewd and cunning enemy—SATAN (I have many teachings on this subject). His seat of power is in D.C., i.e., “District of Corruption.” This satanic district needs draining. In fact, D.C. once was a real swamp when the White House was being built. Literal disease attacks were common to workers. Nothing has changed. It is full of disease-carriers (politicians) determined to DESTROY America’s lifeline to God. These psychos (who work for the BIG Elite sickos) put their stamp of approval on everything that is ungodly—while the Church plays the whore on God. Few, PRECIOUS FEW, fight the good fight of faith.

These demons-in-human-bodies are disease carriers, and pedos, homos, lesbians, feminists, and psychos…odious and full of chicanery, hubris pride, and are abysmally deceitful. Godliness to these swampy reptilian creatures is met with derisive laughter; but God’s truth stands straight and tall nonetheless. “Sin” and “crime” are profoundly “right” to this bunch of D.C. swamp monsters.


Fertilizing Dissension

THE “FORCES” AT WORK, even as I write, are forces that are fertilizing dissension. I have already posted the “Shiprock Prophecy” which stated that this nation—USA–would be divided. The George Soros-ites (paid dissidents) are part of the fertilizing process that keeps America in a perpetual state of unrest, politically and spiritually. All this is glorified and celebrated by the satanically oriented mass media. Intolerance towards anything PC is condemned at once.



* When are you going to go after the political criminals, i.e., the Bush family, the Clintons, and the Obamas to start with?

* When are you going to arrest the top pedophilia pushers and practitioners?

* When are you going to oust the Muslim Brotherhood jihadists and Jewish mafia/Zionists who basically rule and control this nation?

* When are you going to get rid of your warmongering advisors and Deep State-friendly cohorts?



Without honest (well, almost honest!) leadership, any society will “sink in the stink.” Without good leadership, all decencies will disappear. Why can’t you call the troops home...let the Muslims destroy one another. America has had enough meddling in foreign affairs. LET’S DRAIN THE STINKING SWAMP AT HOME. Stop supporting Israel—that Jesus-hating/Christian-hating (illegal) State once and for all. No more!!

Who says that America has to be the policeman of the world? Who set this nation up to be the world’s judge of “right” and “wrong?”

As Isaiah 3:9 says, “The shew of their (backslidden Israel) countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their SIN as Sodom, they hide it not. WOE unto their soul! for they have rewarded EVIL unto themselves.”

Has not America brought EVIL upon herself by defying God and denying the Son of God? YES!!! Like Sodom? Exactly. Full of sexual perversions, and Trump is no exception. America, like Israel, is as BRAZEN and/or as VILE as Sodom (known for her unnatural sex-sins=”ABOMINATIONS,” see Genesis 19:4, 5; see also Lev. 18. Write for our “Gay Way” series).



NO, I’M NOT a conspiracy theorist and/or paranoid. You who read this [SHOULD] know that what I write is true. I’m not of the Alex Jones class; what I write can be found in the Bible. There is nothing new about all this whatsoever. And don’t place me in the political conservative camp—the “Right.” I am a believer in Christ Jesus the Lord. And I’m not a peddler of conspiracies for $$ or for popularity. I’ve been pointing out America’s sins since 1971. I’m not of the Populist movement, nor a devotee of Trump or any other man/woman. There are plenty of alternative news folks out there that have a say-so. I don’t have a Facebook either, so I don’t have “millions” of friends who believe in and support me. I am a firm believer in the Bible though. Things written centuries ago are relevant right now. Human nature is a BEAST, and humans—all throughout the ages, act like BEASTS! Presidents, like kings of old, are going to act the same way. They are human beings: they will obey, and they will disobey, they will be loyal, and they will be disloyal.

One thing you can be sure of with us here, is that we will not support those who are against God, His Law and His standards. We’ll pray for them, but not join them. If they do what is right, we’ll agree with them. To be sure, we’re not going to endorse a nationally recognized “diversity” program. We totally denounce ALL GLBTQP organizations and individuals in them. Again, we pray for their conversion. We are not racists; people born of a certain race are not to be hated. ACMTC has many races within it. We are not a religious/political-operative. We push Jesus’ Ekklesia, His Holy Tribal Nation, His Spirit Army, and His salvation to ALL.



AMERICANS, sadly, have become: “useful idiots” for the global sickos, impoverished, egocentric, nearly void of all common sense, and dependent upon others to tell them what to do and why they must do it. This nation depends too much upon the skewered politicians, celebrities, cultural sickos, and begging religious cons. America is a voyeuristic tech-obsessed culture; social-media rankings, fake news freaks, and blah, blah, blah, are gods to many.

Ingesting swamp filth has given America “swamp fever.” Take your pick:

The Twilight Zone, or The Rabbit Hole,

The Red Pill, or The Blue Pill.

This nation inevitably will go crazy unless a BIG change happens. Don’t worry about some nuclear apocalypse, the “swamp fever” will kill off the population.

GET OFF YOUR YOUTUBE AND GET INTO THE BIBLE, MY DEAR FRIENDS. Stop living a day-by-day horror episode; find your peace in Christ. Repent of your sins. Remember, HELP is only a prayer away.


SIDE NOTE: (1980s)

While a team of ACMTC soldiers were with myself and General Deborah (wife) on the border of Malawi and Mozambique, Africa, one of our 2nd Lieutenants came down with Black Water fever (as we were camped near a swamp that was infested with malarial mosquitos). Several weeks later he died. His insides collapsed, turning them into black putrid liquid. We buried his remains at our Malawi Headquarters in Zomba. [He had contracted Black Water fever in Nsanje.]