We Need to be Blessed Again

Gen. James Green

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6).

I REMEMBER reading a short article by Dr. M. Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner from Bangladesh, in which he stated:

“In 1974 I would walk by people dying from famine to teach my economics class at the university…and I said: ‘What is this?’

I felt completely empty...the theories I was teaching were useless for these dying people. I realized I could help people as a human being, not as an economist. So I decided to become a basic human being...I no longer carried any pre-conceived notions.”

America, not Bangladesh, is now in this condition—“dying from famine,” but the famine is from the LACK OF SPIRITUAL FOOD. Oh, yes, Americans are well fed (and too FAT!) on natural food, but STARVING for spiritual food. But how can this be when there are so many Churches in this nation called the United States of America? Well, for the most part, these Churches offer pure JUNK FOOD—Political Correctness JUNK FOOD! The ones who do not eat from their spiritual pig trough remain healthy, thank God!

The Nation

THE NATION, as a whole, is weak, emaciated, and in very poor health. Because of this ongoing man-made condition, the leaders, i.e. Church and State, have taken advantage of this spiritual weakness for their own gain. Although America has a new president, Donald Trump, this does not do away with the FACT that America as a nation is still moribund. The evil forces that have undermined the godly foundation of America are still in place—eating away at the last remaining bits-and-pieces of the foundation. This has caused the DOWNWARD spiral, TRAPPING all of us in its vicious cycle of the dog-eat-dog mentality. This cannibalism, in turn, is causing more powerlessness to get out of the stinking swamp!

America’s materialistic, competitive culture denies deep spiritual needs that are apparent for survival. Unable to satisfy our deep yearning for connection through common personal endeavor, we try the next best thing—to feel included by acting and dressing like everybody else. We graffiti ourselves up, pierce ourselves up, drug ourselves up, alcohol our selves up, and sex our selves up—TO FEEL ACCEPTED. In its extreme form, the response to thwarting our innate need for love and acceptance can turn violent. This we are witnessing right now in this nation—ABOMINATION!

   New President—New Ideals

THIS HAS CAUSED one Hell of a reverberation throughout the ranks of the Global Elites and their progressive/socialist/Alinsky foot soldiers. Both political and physical chaos is emerging BIG TIME! This will not help the starving nation...it will only make it weaker.

The deep state rulers—who hate Trump, are out for blood, as are their counterparts—the Global Elitists. They have declared WAR on the Right and on the Christian community. But God is ahead of their “war game;” He has already declared WAR on the WHOLE bunch of these malcontents.

Like addictive eating, drinking, drugging, and sexing, addictive power-mongering can likewise destroy a nation. Attempts to CONTROL others through “Political Correctness” will create lots of resistance and fear, hence, a vicious cycle moves into high alert on both sides.

The Lines Are Drawn!

IT IS DONE! The lines of battle are drawn...we are EITHER ON GOD’S SIDE, OR SATAN’S SIDE.


Jesus puts forth one of the most important verses in the Sermon on the Mount: “hunger and thirst after righteousness.” God knows this nation needs more of this. Jesus also spoke this: “…seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness…” (Matt. 6:33). So, “RIGHTEOUSNESS” is important to God, Jesus, and to us–as their followers.

Political “righteousness” does not mean “the Right.” Matthew 5:6 shows that Jesus turns one of the elemental human instincts to spiritual use. There is, in all men/women/boys/girls, the hunger for food, for love, and for God (to a degree).

Unless this nation hungers and thirsts for righteousness once again, America will continue to STARVE TO DEATH, despite who is on the “Right.”

The Greek word dikaiosune (Strong’s G1343), i.e., “righteousness” is the character or quality of being right or just (formerly spelled “rightwiseness,” which clearly expresses the meaning). It is used to denote an attribute of God in Romans 3:5, meaning His faithfulness, or truthfulness, that which is consistent with His own nature and promises. It also means right action, straightness, and uprightness. America could use a TON of this...including the Church!!

Destroying the Enemies

THE BEST WAY to destroy the enemies within and without is not violent revolution, but internal revolution. The Christian’s hunger for godliness and righteousness has mainly been destroyed by worldliness, the deceitfulness of riches (Matt. 13:22), desire for stuff-and-things (Mark 4:19), worldly pleasures (Luke 8:14), and failure to abide in Christ (John 15:4). WHEN A PERSON/NATION NO LONGER HUNGERS FOR GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, SPIRITUAL DEATH IS EMINENT. I believe that America is in the last of the death throes. We MUST begin to eat of God’s Word again. We MUST pray longer and harder.

Prez Trump wants to make America “Great Again,” but building a bigger and better military, creating jobs, and draining the swamp will not put America, or Americans back in right standing with God. These things may need doing, but unless this nation hungers for righteousness, it will continue to crumble. It may take a SHOCK from our resignation/depression /obsession/abomination to stir up a real thirst and hunger so we can BREAK FREE!!!

As Dr. Yunus’ moment of dissonance led him to drop his textbook theories and begin to listen to poor people themselves, he learned that their poverty was linked to their virtual servitude to money lenders, and his “aha” was the realization that credit, unavailable to poor people, could transform their lives.

Stupidity can kill us! Our reliance upon political/religious leaders has led us into mass starvation (spiritually speaking).


AH, THIS DEVIL stalks the land. Fear has replaced America’s faith. By “media manipulation” (brainwashing), Americans are programmed in FEAR, not faith. By media manipulation, Americans are hardwired to believe in “them,” not in “God.” Americans are assailed daily with FAKE NEWS. The past eight years under Sodomite Obama could rightly be called “eight years in pink Hell.” His “greatness,” the Left tells us, was a Elysium phenomenon. The Truth is, it was a HOAX, carefully crafted by the captains of the Global Elite. He was presented and pushed as America’s “Black Savior” in an attempt to CON the American people into accepting global slavery and pink perversion. His 8 years were not just about “Left,” or “Right,” they were about a One-World-Government—a government without Christ or Christianity. This agenda has not gone away.

In the Streets—In Your Faces

STANDING FOR true Democracy and standing up for God have become a very dangerous thing to do. This STAND literally enrages the Left Necrophilites. These storm-troopers of the Global Elites/Deep States are responding with naked aggression, brutality, and purple terror: paranoia verses euphoria (—“euphoria” meaning the desired state of these angry psychopaths)!

To save this crumbling nation, we, as a dis-united people, need to rechannel our energies to create an atmosphere of faith, not fear. Fear damns; faith builds. As fear spreads throughout our culture, does it surprise you that many run from the conflict, not run into it?—for better or worse.

It has rightly been said that one of the prices you pay for staying trapped by FEAR is that you don’t learn how to express healthy dissent. Both politically and spiritually, it puts one in a role of being submissive and passive...not aggressive. We need more “aggressive” soldiers for Christ — not in a violent mode, but in a do-or-die mode. Staying in the shadows of conflict, one gets nothing done. Fear of conflict keeps good and useful people silent, blocking us from participating as the full-voiced citizens/Christians that make up a real democracy.

Good Soldiers of Christ

WHAT DOES Second Timothy 2:3, 4 tell us? “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” Too many point out—wrongly—that Christians are warned against any kind of political involvement. Politics are of the world, but we too live in the world, hence, they affect us daily, especially now.

The words “entangleth himself,” literally mean “to inweave,” hence, “in the affairs of this life,” i.e., “business occupation.” Meaning that we’re not to get trapped into the world system so much that we’re not in the service of Christ–we’re not to be passive towards what is evil and dominating. JESUS CRIED OUT IN HIS DAY AGAINST THE INJUSTICES, SINS, AND ABOMINATIONS THAT ENGULFED ISRAEL.

The Greek word bios (Strong’s G979) is the “course of life.” First Timothy 2:1, 2 tells us, “Exhort therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercession, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.” The “all” means “ALL.” This will position the Christian right in the center of politics and religion. WHEN EVIL MEN ARE IN POWER, PRAY AGAINST THEM; WHEN RIGHTEOUS MEN ARE IN POWER, PRAY FOR THEM. When the unrighteous want to be back in power—as the defeated “Left”—pray against them. This is ALL part of being a good soldier for Christ.

In Timothy, we must distinguish between bios=”course of life” and the other Greek word for life—zoe=”existence.”

Defeat or Defeated?

AS LONG as we don’t feel we have the right to face conflict—because of a few (misinterpreted) verses we cling to, we consciously or unconsciously hope things will work out. But what exactly is a “GOOD soldier of Christ?” Just that: a warrior, a fighter, a contender...a revolutionary if you will.

Fear and Freedom

BURMESE NOBEL Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi wrote: “Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it” (Freedom From Fear, 1991, p. 180). This rings so true as the defeated “Left” is desperately trying to capture the nation again. These progressive Alinskyites have a history of CORRUPTION. They are DEFICIENT in empathetic sensibilities, that is, lack of feeling for others. These dysfunctional persons lie without guilt or pity, intimidating others with great satisfaction.

In order to be conditioned to do/be the above, the “God” factor had to be downplayed, and destroyed if possible. When one points this out, they are called names and threatened. RECASTING LEGITIMATE CRITICISM AS ESPIONAGE, and all dissent as treason, has been the game of the “Left” for years now.

Hunger For Righteousness

THIS INTENSE DESIRE to be “right” in God’s sight is what America needs right now. This will conquer: our national anxieties, race issues and potential revolution/civil war. We do not want to be complicit in the political brutality that is brewing between the Right and Left. It could turn ugly! We need to rethink faith, not giving way to fear.

America and Christians, especially, need to count the cost: war or peace? Faith in God and His righteousness can be met by a frontal attack; fear most likely will cave in.

The Spirit has spoken to us on many occasions that God is wanting to bring back—BRING BACK!—His rule to America. We all can be part of this building project. First Kings 8:18 says, “Whereas it was in thine heart to build a house unto My name, thou didst well that—it was in thine heart.” It pleases God when people want to do something for God out of their love for Him, not because of fear, but because of faith.

Righteousness means equity and humanity—the realm of the Christ-spirit. Life these days is compelled and motivated by pride and greed and fear…life is dominated by hunger for the urge to completeness. Just about everyone is vexed by discontent. This, in turn, stimulates hunger, not for righteousness, but for the spotlight, the gold, and the glitter. Satan is always there to fill the hungry soul/spirit with unrighteousness. When a man or woman does find fulfillment in the world, their souls are empty.

Turn your eyes, minds, and hearts toward Jesus because He promises, “…They shall be filled” (Matt. 5:6). Develop a positive passion by reading the Bible, praying, and doing good works...and good works may find us in SPIRITUAL-WARFARE for others—helping them to FIND PEACE AND KEEP IT. Love for our neighbors and enemies can find us fighting against those enemies that hold them captive. Psalm 17:15 tells us, “As for me, I will behold Thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied (filled/fulfilled), when I awake, with Thy likeness.” The psalmist will be vindicated, for his enemies are those, “…that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about…like as a lion that is greedy of his prey, and as it were a young lion lurking in secret places” (vv. 9, 12). The psalmist goes on to plea, “Arise, O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked by thy sword: From men by thy hand, O LORD, from men whose position in life is of the world…” (vv. 13, 14).

A good soldier of Christ must not be shy in prayer—there are times to pray FOR our enemies and there are times when we pray AGAINST them. It is not wrong, in times of war, to pray for the defeat of enemies.

America is currently in a state of undeclared WAR/REVOLUTION. We must continue to wage the war against the enemies of Christ and His righteousness. It is not the time for compromise: this would be deadly indeed. We must pray for the president and his staff—that the Spirit guards and guides them in this uprising. The enemies make it known that assassination is not ruled out; these psychopaths are out for blood, I assure you.

Far Too Late!

IT IS far too late, and things are far too bad, for pessimism. The most crucial thing we’re facing is “will we face the truth?” if not, America can no longer survive our refusal to believe the truth. One writer/politico calls this “sanity in motion.” We must face the ugly truth: America is split. Too many Americans are vulnerable to fear-mongering. Hope is not what we find in evidence, it is what we become in action—action for counter-revolution. Why are we afraid to confront what the Bible calls EVIL?!...we must IDENTIFY AND CONFRONT. Those sitting on the side-lines will never win the game.

The Leftists have, for ages, created terror in hearts by “negative labeling,” which is purposed to demonize, and in turn causes us to distrust our own common sense. We can’t call a criminal a criminal, a gay a sodomite, a liar a liar, and on it goes. It has gotten so PC that we’re not even allowed to call a girl/woman a female, or call a boy/man a male. This may upset the transys out there—who don’t know if they are male or female, but THAT’S THEIR PROBLEM.

   Radical Political/Radical Religion

WITHIN THE Saul Alinsky ranks it is noted: “What makes radical politics a war is the existence of an enemy who must be ELIMINATED!!” Christianity may use this as well, “What makes radical Christianity a war is the existence of an enemy who must be eliminated.” We are told in the Scriptures—from Genesis to Revelation—that we are to OBEY GOD and not man (i.e., when men’s laws contradict God’s laws). In the current state-of-affairs, one must identify one’s political enemies as instruments of evil to justify the war/revolution against them. Usually the Christians are identified with the “Right,” so this makes us the target of the “Left.” Well, I am personally not of the “Right” politically; I am of the “Party of Jesus.” But this still makes me a target of their HATE.

The explicit goal of America’s most prestigious schools/universities is promoting “social change,” i.e., anti-Biblical morality. Many education centers are wholly devoted to Alinskyism/Marxism. Have you ever considered how many colleges / universities, once Christian, are now anti-Christian? How did it come about? I’ll tell you: by CHRISTIANS FAILING TO “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH.” Don’t complain, dear Christian, when you are subject to Marx/Alinsky doctrine. It was the enemies of Christ that were successful in converting the education centers into socialist Hell-holes. REPENTANCE IS IN ORDER. DO YOUR BUSINESS WITH GOD AND FIGHT FOR HIM.

Gen. Jim