Sex Slaves?

Gen. James Green

W HILE JOEL 3:3, 6, 8 does not explicitly mention God’s children being sold as “sex-slaves,” one could rightly imply it:

v. 3) “And they have cast lots for My people, and have given a boy for an harlot, and have sold a girl for wine, and have drunk it.”

v. 6) “And have sold the children of Judah and the children of Jerusalem to the sons of Grecians, that you may remove them far from their border” (Amp. Bible).

WE’VE GOT TO REMEMBER, PAGAN NATIONS DID NOT HAVE “SEX-LAWS” LIKE THAT OF ISRAEL, THEREFORE ANYTHING WENT. When pagans bought children, they became their personal possessions. They could use them as sex-slaves or work-slaves.

The pagans have shown no consideration for the captives, not even for the children, whom they have sold to revel with wine and women (v. 3). Obadiah 11 also records that the Chaldeans divided the spoil of Jerusalem by lot. The Peshitta (Bible) correctly interprets “for the hire of a harlot.”


The Cruelty

THE CRUELTY (vv. 3, 6) and profanity (v. 5) of Israel’s oppressors are made the topic of special comment in this prophecy. Contempt for Israel’s God leads to contempt for His people! We can rightly say this is the very condition in America right now—the “Left” (“One World Order” psychos) hate God’s authority; hence, take comfort in Joel 3 in that God does AVENGE!!

The pagan nations all about Israel were hostile. The Bible records their long-continued hostility. With grim irony, God warns the pagans that recompense WILL BE PAID (see also v. 7; Isa. 59:18; Obad. 1:15: “For the day of the LORD is near upon all the (pagan) nations. As you have done, it shall be done to you, your deeds shall return on your own head,” see v. 16 also).



AMOS the prophet also accuses the Philistines/Phoenicians of dealing in Israelite slaves (Amos 1:6, 9). Ezekiel the prophet lists slaves as part of the merchandise between Greece and Tyre (27:13). The Phoenicians are also condemned as slave traders in early Greek sources (see Odyssey 14.297; 15.482-484; Herodotus History I.1; II.54).

The Sidonians (Queen Jezebel was a Sidonian) were sold into slavery by Artaxerxes III in 345 BC (Diodorus Siculus XIV. 45), the Tyrians and the people of Gaza in Philistia by “Alexander the Great” (332 BC), (Arrian Anabasis of Alexander II.2, 27).

The Sabeans were also great slave traders (see 1 Kgs. 10:2; Ezek. 27:22, 23). Sheba (their home in Arabia) was in-between the SE Greece and NE distance wise (see Jer. 6:6, 20).

One could dig out dozens of historical facts related to ancient slavery. Muhammad (Islam) dealt in slavery. He used many women, girls, and boys as “sex-slaves” (see my articles on this). He was a pedophile in the first degree!


Sexual Abuse

JOHN BOSWELL dedicates ¾ of a page (p. 62) to “sexual abuse” of slaves. He writes: “Since Romans were extraordinarily dispassionate about sexuality, Latin writers were under no pressure either to idealize or to suppress accounts of homo passion, and Latin literature provides an unusually valuable source of information about gay people and gayness in a cultural setting which included little if any intolerance of them.” Although he mainly deals with adult homo sex and adult hetero sex, slavery in ancient days dealt with boys and girls (for sexual usage, both hetero and homo, i.e., pedophilia).

Note 4 reads (in part):

…The concept of “fidelity” applied only to married or marriageable women, since only in their case was legitimate succession—and hence proprietary interest—inevitably involved. For males of any social class sexual morality was largely personal and ranged from severe asceticism to extreme promiscuity. Wives often encouraged husbands to employ slaves (of either gender) for sexual release, and the attitude of Antony on the subject of heterosexual relations is probably typical of Roman males: in a letter to Augustus (who, like Antony himself, was married at the time) he asked, “Can it matter where or in whom you put it?” (Suetonius Augustus 69: “An refert, ubi et in qua arrigas? “; cf. Martial 11.20). (End Quote)

Valerius Maximus 8.1.12 records that Calidius Bonboniensis, a man caught in a room of married woman, got off the hook by claiming he was in the room “on account of his passion for a slave BOY.” This freed him from any crime of adultery, which shows that pedophilia was not a crime during this time (in Rome).

Valerius Maximus (6.1.10) reported a case where the accused freely admitted that he had committed a homosexual act, asserting that no crime had occurred, since the youth involved was a boy prostitute.

The only “law” which might have regulated any homo/pedophile practice in the (Roman) Republic or under the early emperors was the Lex Scantinia, enacted around 226 BC. What we do know is no text of this law survives according to pro/anti homo historians. But both Plutarch (Life of Marcellus 2) and V. Maximus (5.1.7) record “lewd advances to the son of M. Claudius Marcellus, both were dealt with by the emperor Domitian who “sentenced certain members of both orders under the Scantinian law” (see Domitian 8). Although homosexuality was forbidden, pedophilia was merely looked down upon, but allowed.

Sextus Empiricus stated that (adult) homosexuality was forbidden by law among the Romans (see Outlines of Pyrrhonism 1.152). St. Cyprian (and others) called homo acts “a crime!”

Many homosexuals disagree with the above—they say there is NO connection to homosexuality and the Lex Scantinia. We expect this. Even Boswell denies this; he calls it “conjectural.”



IT WAS REPORTED that Claudius Pallio, a prominent ex-praetor, possessed and displayed a letter in Domitian’s own handwriting containing an offer to engage in sodomy with him (Suetonius Domitian 1), and Martial (and others) published poems describing the emperor’s homo relations with the BOY Earinos in volumes intended to flatter him (see Martial 9.11-13, 16, 36). In 6.39 Martial states categorically that it is NOT A CRIME for a father to have sex with his son. But, again, homos downplay this.

It is said that the Lex Scantinia (LS) is not mentioned in the account of rape by Quintilian in which the BOY hung himself. But, as pointed out by some, if this is a referent to it (LS), it is good evidence that the law was aimed at the protection of MINORS.

One thing for sure, we can’t be sure of anything. What I have found in all my studies on all this is that there are “claims” and “counter-claims.” Again, adult homosexuality was not related to pedophilia, many homos claim. Well, be that true or not, SAME-SEX SEX IS STILL HOMOSEXUALITY (SODOMY) NO MATTER THE AGE. At least I believe this.

Slaves were sub-humans, therefore ANY KIND of sex could be done against them—male or female. Castration was common. Male prostitution (even for young boys) was perceived as emasculating and debasing. Both were practiced on (young) male slaves on a very large scale by traders. Islam practiced (and still does) female mutilation, i.e., amputating the clitoris and/or the vulva from the genitalia of women (affirmed in a hadith by Muhammad himself). As I have written in our “2 Faces of Islam” magazines, selling children (boys/girls) was and is common.

Even The Washington Times (21/01/02) did an article, “Sale of Children, Thieves in Pakistan,” reporting that girls as young as 5 are being sold…generally ending up in prostitution or harems!


Back to Rome

MINUCIUS FELIX claimed that homosexuality was “the Roman religion” (see Octavius 28); Tatian that pederasty was held in “preeminent esteem by the Romans” (see Adversus Graecos 28); Lactantius said that homosexuality was “trivial and virtually admirable” (Institutions divinae 6.23.10). Clement (of Alexandria) wrote that it was legal among the Romans, although they (the acts) had been prohibited “among the ancients” (see Paedogogus 3.3 [PG, 8:585=”Patristic Greek;” “Effeminate” / “hermaphrodite”]).

What we can deduce from all this is that there were times in ancient history in pagan nations that sex-sins were OUTLAWED, but later were permitted. The research on this subject could take one up and down and all the way around.

Back to Joel 3:8

“THE CHILDREN also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold unto the Grecians, that ye might remove them far from their border. Behold, I will raise them out of the place whither ye have sold them, and will return your recompence upon your own head: I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judah, and they will sell them to the Sabeans, to a nation far off; for the Lord has spoken it” (Joel 3:6-8; see also Isa. 14:2; 60:14).

God, by His retributive power, had sold Israel’s enemies to Israel, the Judahites, which in turn will sell the children to the Sabeans—their punishment reversed.

Arrian, lib. 2, says that 30,000 were sold. Ochus destroyed Sidon, and subdued the other cities of Phoenicia. In all these wars, says Calmet, the Jews, who obeyed the Persians, did not neglect to purchase Phoenician slaves, whom they sold to the Sabeans (Arabs). And we know the Arabs were sex perverts!

The degrading and deplorable abuse of women and children in Islam is nothing new. One thing is for sure, Islam did not copy Christianity in regards to slavery/sexual abuse (see our magazines exposing homosexuality/pedophilia in Islam. See Surah 4:24 where it says that “those captive whom your right hand possesses”= rape of captive women/girls). Pervert Muhammad taught:

“Captive virgin GIRLS in war were made lawful for the soldiers for copulation” (see Mishkat II, p. 440). The Hadith states that “No Muslim should be killed for killing a non-Muslim, nor a free-man for a slave.”

Exodus 21:16 states, “anyone who kidnaps another and either sells him (or her) or still has him (or her) when he is caught must be PUT TO DEATH” (Holy Bible).