Deliver From Rebel Powers

Holy War Series

Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to this broadcast. The name of this message is, “Deliver from rebel powers.” Now, for those of you who have had their eyes opened, you realize that we have been living in the nation of the United States of America under the domain of rebel powers for awhile.

And the last seize was through the pervert president who thought he would bring the whole nation into subjectivity to all manner of sexual perversion including: bestiality, pedophilism, all manner of homosexualization, all manner of wickedness, vileness and corruption, and that he would reign as emperor forever. Well, God ended that, he had to go out of the office, and God is now waging Holy War.

GOD IS DECLARING WAR against the forces of darkness, against the invading force of Islam that was meant to be the bloody sword of those whose agenda was to take over the land. In other words, they were to be the grunt force that went in and cut people’s heads off, and raped, and ravaged, and destroyed, and carried heads around on sticks and swords and all that. But God is effectively putting those forces in their place, so to speak. And we have to keep ourselves in tune with God—because it is God who will deliver from rebel forces/rebel powers.

Now, the name of this message today–Deliver From Rebel Powers, is indicative of what God is doing, because it is the Lord who is exposing, and revealing, and showing the evil intent of these rebel powers, and how much territory they have actually gained.

Now, the Lord has told us that He’s cast down Jezebel, and I believe that we saw that in the political arena with the election and the CASTING DOWN OF A JEZEBELIAN WITCH who has been responsible for the murder and the death of endless lives. And I’m saying that too, because she’s the power behind the push of Obama’s big spouting of endless abortion, and she’s the one who’s promoting the witchcraft Jezebelian aspect of society of all these women who declare they must have their rights, and they must be able to continue with their abortions, and they must continue to have the right to their own bodies, and blah, blah, blah.

But, they don’t think about the tiny little embryo that has a right to life—the fetus that is conceived and has the desperate right to life...they don’t care about that, they don’t want to hear that. And many women have turned into witchcraft murderesses—destroying the very precious life that is within them, or even now, without them. So, because they have given law leeway to out of the womb abortion, we see that the evil has mounted, and mounted, and mounted up, and even murder and bloodshed.

The blood guiltiness that is in this land alone should kindle God’s Holy War against everyone that’s here. But BECAUSE HE IS THE GOD OF MERCY, HE’S GIVEN THE CALL TO REPENT, and for those who truly repent, to keep that repentance. This is not the time to play games on God. It is not the time to say one day, “I love you,” and the next day, “I love the world.” This is the time to say, “I love you, I love you, I love you, and I will remain true to you.” And it takes effort to do that because we live with our worst enemy—we live with the carnal beast called SELF who wants to see us utterly destroyed and damned.

And the truth of it is, that there’s rebel powers without, and there’s rebel powers within. And we have to wage the outward war, and the inward war, and we have to realize that we may win a battle outwardly, and the enemy called self will be there to defeat us inwardly—if we allow it. So, we have to realize we fight on two fronts. We can’t just say, “Well, everything’s happily ever after,” it doesn’t happen that way.

Now, I’ve known people, they have a struggle, they are straining to serve God, they want to obey God, then they get to a place of refuge, and they give up completely, and they say, “Let everybody else carry the ball for my soul.” And do you know what happens? The enemy comes in like a flood, whams them, and they are devastated, and they become an enemy. Why? Because they didn’t keep up the warfare.

Just because I get inside the gates of the fort, doesn’t mean the battle is over—because I’ve got public enemy number one—self—to contend with. And self will always side with the outward forces of death, because the end of self is death. And, self’s goal is to damn our soul. So, we need to STAY ALERT, alive, and active, and look to God to deliver us from rebel powers, and not kid ourselves that everything is A-OK. The only way that everything is A-OK is that if we keep in tune with God, and we keep in the mind of His Spirit, and we keep alert.

So, starting in Isaiah 27, with verse 1, and I’m reading out of the Amplified version and it says, “IN THAT day [the Lord will deliver Israel from her enemies and also from the rebel powers of evil and darkness].” Isn’t that what we’ve seen over the last several years—intensifying, magnifying, increasingly looming evil and darkness coming in?—rebel powers that want to get everybody to hate God, to scoff God, to mock God, to scorn God, to have contempt for God, to reimage God?...and to get us to worship idols—like the idol of self?

That’s what rules the MODERN CHURCH: ME, I, SELF, THE LOVE OF SELF!

What’s in it for me?

What do I get out of this?

What can God do for me?

“I mean if He doesn’t do what I want, if He doesn’t give me enough benefits, whew, I’ll find another god!”

And you whore your soul, and you damn your soul, and that’s what the self-god will do to you. Self is the enemy of the purpose of God.

So it says, “IN THAT day [the Lord will deliver Israel from her enemies and also from the rebel powers of evil and darkness].” And this land–the United States of America, has been ruled—viciously, cruelly, savagely, and murderously ruled by those rebel powers, by those REBEL POWERS.

Now, a lot of people are recognizing the fact that Barak intentionally posed himself as a Christian in order to convince the unsuspecting and STUPID Christians that he was a Christian, and get their vote. But then he’s done everything to not only homosexualize, but make the nation into an Islamic state. So, where’s his loyalty to Christ? Absolutely none. Where’s his loyalty to the Christians? Forget it, he used them.

So, what I’m saying is, these are rebel powers, evil powers, powers of wickedness, powers of darkness, powers that want to just SQUEEZE the life out of any soul that is remaining to live in Christ Jesus...oppressive powers, spirits of fear that just come in and grip you, and make you breathless, just smothering you with their iron grip.

This country has been ruled by oppression, and it’s the evil powers—that God says, “IN THAT day the Lord will deliver” His people from. So, who is the one who has started the war?, and who is the one who will finish the war? It is the Lord God Almighty. And it is to Him that we need to look to every single day. Now this is a part of the Holy War series, because that’s where God is. And if we’re following God, that’s where we will be.

Ok, going on it says, “His sharp and unrelenting, great, and strong sword will visit and punish Leviathan the swiftly fleeing serpent, Leviathan…” Now, God has identified to us that the Jezebelian rule has been full of serpentine spirits, SERPENTINE SPIRITS, and those spirits will just wrap around, and quench any life that they can. But it’s saying that, “His sharp and unrelenting, great, and strong sword will visit and punish Leviathan the swiftly fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting and winding serpent; and He will slay the monster that is in the sea.” This concept of the monster that is in the sea, the sea is humanity, and this monster is in the sea, and this monster is taking out life, and this monster is squeezing, and squeezing, and squeezing until all give in to him—this Leviathan.

Now, I looked up Leviathan in the dictionary, and this is what it means, “to surround as a snake.” I don’t know if you’ve seen the pictures, but they have these snake charmers, and the snake will just wind around because the person is playing a certain music that charms the snake. But normally the snake will twine itself around its victims, and that’s what this leviathan set of demons does, it entwines you, surrounds you, and SQUEEZES the life out of you.

Now you notice it says, “...his sharp and UNRELENTING...” Now, what does the New Testament say? It says that we are to use the sword of the Spirit—THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, which is the Word of God. So, it says, “by his sharp and unrelenting...” So, are we supposed to give up, and back up, and curl up, and die? Are we supposed to let the fear of leviathan’s venom come in on us? Are we supposed to cave in, in this Holy War, to the squeezing power? No, we’re supposed to use the sword of the Word, and the sword that is ours in the Spirit by the power of God because it says, “His sharp and unrelenting, great, and strong sword will visit and punish Leviathan…”

Now, we see right now, that God is punishing the Jezebelian demons—who I equate with Leviathan—because they’re the SAME SERPENTINE BREED—to use fear, intimidation, oppression and darkness, evil and wickedness till the life is squeezed out. And what is He saying? He’s going to use the sword. And we can say, “Oh good, God will take care of it.” Yes, God will take care of it, and God will use His people, and God will use His people USING His Word. Are you hearing me? Listen, we’ve got to use the Word of God as our weapon—to cut the head off Leviathan, to cut the head off Jezebel, to see her cast down and remain down.

Now we forget that Jezebel had a wicked daughter—Athaliah, and she had other wicked relatives in her bloodline that carried on with the same witchcraft. So we can’t think that just because one Jezebelian witch is dethroned, that that ends it. But it says, the sword, “His sword, sharp and unrelenting...” Are we sharp and unrelenting in the Word of the the use of the sword of the Lord? Are we unrelenting in standing for truth? Are we unrelenting in refusing to let our minds become a nesting place of demons, and a habitation of the damned? We must keep up the battle, we must keep up the warfare, we must see deliverance from these rebel powers. Not submission to, not joining the enemy ranks, but FIGHTING AGAINST, until the deliverance is made manifest. Withstanding, unrelenting!

And then it says, “His sharp and unrelenting, great, and strong sword will visit and punish Leviathan the swiftly fleeing serpent.” Where is the serpent fleeing from? The presence of God. The Bible says that He inhabits the praises of His people. When we are truly praising God—because we are serving Him—the Lord is there with us, and the devil hates that power. What does it say in the Word? “Submit yourself to God, resist the devil, and he will….” embrace you? he will kiss you? he will love you? NO. It says, “HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU.”

So what does that mean? That means if we are unrelenting in the Word of the Lord, in the truth of the Almighty, in the sword of the Spirit against the enemy forces, Leviathan will be the swift fleeing, FLEEING serpent—not keeping us in the grip, not squeezing the life out of us, but running for his own life—because he knows that sword can easily hack his head off, cut his guts open, take his slithery body and hold it up and say, “You’re defeated.” It’s true.

Aggressive warfare, AGGRESSIVE WARFARE—we must STAY aggressive in the spirit. We must stay OFFENDING the enemy. And when things come at us that want to grab us in fear, and grip us in unbelief, that’s when it’s time to put the blood of Jesus over ourselves, cover ourselves in the mind of the Spirit, pick up the sword of truth and go to hacking, and poking, and stabbing, and cutting—until the enemy flees for his life…and maybe he won’t even get away—because maybe the Lord will, at that point, completely deliver from rebel powers.

Now, God is serious about this Holy War. He is deadly and lifely serious about it, and if we don’t stay on the side of God, WE could end up dead. I don’t just mean physically dead, but spiritually dead...which is twice dead. And that is the most horrible place to be—vacant in your soul—separated from God, because you made a wrong choice and kept it. So, we need to be alert in this war and stay with God, and contend for God, and fight WITH the weaponry of the truth.

Then it says, “In that day [it will be said of the redeemed nation of Israel], A vineyard beloved and lovely; sing a responsive song to it and about it!” And then it goes on, this is the love song between the Lord and His people, and it says, “I, the Lord, am its Keeper; I water it every moment; lest anyone harm it, I guard and keep it night and day. Wrath is not in Me…” and that means towards His true ones.

But then it says, “Would that the briers and thorns [the wicked internal foe] were lined up against Me in battle! I would stride in against them; I would burn them up together.” So what is he saying? “Wrath is not in me towards My beloved, but towards the enemies—internal foe, it is me who will burn them up.” So in other words, “I’m not hating my people that return and walk in me, that remain in me, that repent unto me, and are near to me, but I am hating those who oppose me, those who are literally under rebel powers.” And He says, “I will burn them up.”

The Church, as it stands today—the majority of those who are under the modern theologies of permissiveness, and sinfulness, and diversity, have welcomed in evil, and have said, “Come be with us, let us sup together.” Those are forces of evil powers POSING as God’s people, and they are internal foes of His purpose. I said there’s the external and the internal!

They have Church—“Christian Church,” “Christian fellowship,” and they’re in fellowship with the world. They’re not in fellowship with God, they’re not in fellowship with Christ, they are not clothed in His humility, they are not willing to have identity with Him no matter what the price they pay, they are fakes and flakes. And God’s saying, “AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, THEY’RE BRIARS AND THORNS AND I COULD EASILY BURN THEM UP.”

And then it says, “Or else [if all Israel would escape being burned up together there is but one alternative], let them take hold of My strength and make complete surrender to My protection, that they may make peace with Me! Yes, let them make peace with Me!” So what is He saying? He’s saying, “Let my own supposed people repent, and make peace with me.”

If we don’t make peace with God through repentance, we are under the wrath of God, we are under the burning of God, we are under the anger of God, the fury of God, and the indignation of God. “I don’t want to hear that, I love the LOVE God!” You don’t either—not if you don’t straighten up your act, not if you don’t walk uprightly.

See, what you choose to identify with is where you’re at with God. If you identify with some glamorous or handsome image of yourself in the world, you’re identifying with death, and you’re identifying with the very enemies of God’s purpose in this Holy War. AND, WHILE YOU PLAY AROUND IN YOUR WICKED NEST CALLED A CARNAL MIND, YOU CAN INVOKE TO YOURSELF THE ANGER OF GOD. Listen, we’re supposed to bring every thought into captivity to the mind of Christ. It’s not the time to play games, it’s not the time to mess around, it’s not the time to be a fool. Are you hearing me? These are very serious times.

These are times of life or death. These are times when the sword of God’s wrath can come against us and we are no more—except to be in Hell. Listen, we have no assurance if we do not walk uprightly. If we walk uprightly, we have the protective mercies of the living God. It’s time that God’s own people fear God once again. Fear God: that means you respect Him, that you hold Him as the highest power, that you see Him as the ultimate, and that you see that you must please Him, or be damned.

All this LYING HUMANISM that has come in and swept so many aside that, “You’re so important to God, and God’s madly in love with you, and God can’t live without you, and God will come crawling on His knees after you, begging you, and He’s just like a love-sot He loves you so much. He just is intoxicated on your sweet deceit.” It’s all lies, God hates sin. God hates rebels. God hates wickedness, and God displays His wrath through His Holy War, through His burnings, through His anger, through His fury.

“In the days and generations to come Jacob shall take root; Israel shall blossom and send forth shoots and fill the whole world with fruit [of the knowledge of the true God]. Has [the Lord] smitten [Israel] as He smote those who smote them? Or have [the Israelites] been slain as their slayers were slain?”

So it’s asking that question because they were on the wrong side—they didn’t get on the right side, they didn’t make peace with God, they didn’t repent as they should have. Then it says, “By driving them out of Canaan, by exile, You contended with them in a measure [O Lord]—He removed them with His rough blast as in the day of the east wind. Only on this condition shall the iniquity of Jacob (Israel) be forgiven and purged, and this shall be the full fruit [God requires] for taking away his sin: that [Israel]...”

Now listen carefully, “that [Israel] should make all the stones of the [idol] altars like chalk stones crushed to pieces, so that the Asherim and the sun-images shall not remain standing or rise again.” So what is that saying? That’s saying UTTERLY DESTROY! “But all those cultural images!, and all those symbols!, why would you want to do away with those?” Because they are SYMBOLIC of demon powers that offend God, that anger God, that enrage God—because His own people have played the whore with them.

What has happened under the Jezebel rule over this nation—the rule of the rebel powers? What has happened is that people have given their hearts to those rebel powers, they have given their hearts to those idols, they have given their minds, they have given their children to be burned as sacrifices, they have given up their lives to be made captive slaves of iniquity, they have accepted and embraced the most wicked of sexual perversion and perverts and called them “brother” and “sister” and said, “Oh, we love this way, we love the diverse way, we love the new way”—of their own damnation.

And they were so wise in their pride, in their vain conceit. No, they were staggering, slobbering, falling down vomiting drunkards...sickening to God. And all the while saying, “I love the Lord, I’m all about Jesus. Oh, I just praise Him.” You liar, you LIAR. You can’t lie to God, I can’t lie to God. All I can do, and all you can do is FALL ON YOUR FACE AND CRY OUT TO GOD AND BEG HIM TO HELP YOU OVERCOME THE INTERNAL FOES, AND THE EXTERNAL FOES OF HIS PURPOSE. Don’t count on yourself, you’re a fool, and so am I.

The only one we can count on is God, the only one we can look to—to deliver us from rebel powers, is the Living God. But, we have to put our will, and our desire, and our effort into Him. I can’t be sitting over here and hanging out in some bar slobbering all over the place, smoking old nasty cigarettes, trying to lure some old dirty drunk into the bed and say, “I love Jesus.” I’m a damned liar. And anybody else that yields themselves to works of iniquity and says they love Jesus is a damned liar. We think God won’t damn us if we use His name in fraudulence? Guess what? We damn ourselves.

Going on, “should make all the stones of the [idol] altars like chalk stones crushed to pieces,” crushed to pieces, CRUSHED TO PIECES, “so that the Asherim and the sun-images shall not remain standing or rise again.” So, we want to see God deliver from rebel powers? We need to take action to revolution, we need to pull down every idol, we need to pull down every image that is revealed to us in our own lives, and GRIND IT TO POWDER—THAT IT WILL NOT RISE AGAIN.