Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to this broadcast, the name of this message is, “Bloodshed and Idolatry.” Now, when you hear that title, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but the truth of it is, it’s a reality, and it’s a CURRENT REALITY. It’s reality even as I speak this day in this nation, it’s reality as the cry, the goal, of the nation of the United States of America, and it’s also a grief and a shame to God that a nation, such as this, should cry out for bloodshed and idolatry, rather than for righteousness and truth.

Now, if you think about it—that when people cry for a certain thing, the time comes that God turns them over to it, and that’s what they are consumed by. Now, the Lord spoke to us back in the late 80s/the early 90s and He said that because men are thirsting, and longing, and lusting for wickedness, for evil, for filth, He said, “I’ll give them so much of it they’ll literally vomit it out. They’ll literally be sick of it, they’ll be wallowing in it, they’ll be overwhelmed by it, and it will gag them.”

Now, if you look at what has transpired in this land since that time, and particularly under the rule of Pinkistani Barak Obama, what do we find? We find that FILTH BECAME THE AGENDA OF THE DAY, that filth and human vileness, and utter corruption, and sexual wickedness to the utmost degree became the goal, the aspiration, the world-vision of the nation. And of course, unlimited abortion.

So, God did exactly what He said He would do—He gave to people what they wanted, He gave it to them in such big doses they couldn’t even swallow it. He gave it to them until they were thoroughly drenched and dedicated to it. And even the so-called Church that is meant to be the salt and the light caved in even more because of its whoredom, because of its weakness, because of its choosing to be in bed with the world rather than obey God. So, everything you see brought in this agenda that God promised because men desired the same.

Now, we are living, right now, on a new threshold, and God has spoken to us and declared that He desires to bring down that Jezebel rule of degradation to bring in His new way, which is really His old way, of righteousness and truth, and God has declared that He is the One who defeated Jezebel, and it’s true. And, He replaced Jezebel with an egoistic individual who is capable of being influenced towards godliness, or, influenced towards tyranny. And, we are, right now, in the balances: which way will it go?

Now, Mr. Trump has recently exhibited his unreasonable nature, his lack of common sense, and his weakness to give in to the tyrannical pressures of the Jewish mafia that surround him—including his own son-in-law. And HE MADE, WHAT MOST PEOPLE CONSIDER TO BE, A TREMENDOUS BLUNDER IN BOMBING A NATION THAT REALLY HAD DONE NOTHING PROVEN TO BE OFFENSIVE, and using an excuse [to do it].

We live in a nation of bloodshed–with 60 million plus aborted babies—because of sex-idolatry. Bloodshed and idolatry! We live in a nation that has murdered that many defenseless infants, but he supposedly did his bombing over the gassing and the subsequent death of approximately 10 children, which is even a questionable statistic.

And so we see that this kind of erratic, hypocritical, and tyrannical reaction is there. And we see that yes, God could allow this nation to go under the rule of another sot—a sot who is full of pride, full of self-love, full of tyranny, and must be stroked in his ego in order to keep going, or, it’s possible by the power of God, that God could choose another way if there is sufficient repentance, and if God’s people will pray and be faithful to God.

Now, it’s one thing to pray, and it’s another thing to be faithful. I meet a lot of people who pray, but they are as unfaithful as you can imagine. I meet plenty of people who are in the most debauched, demoralized, and decayed state of human existence and they say, “I pray everyday.” But THEY DON’T CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR, they don’t seek to please the God...they pray to, and serve instead, the rule of demons, and they become demons. And they can pray everyday, but they do not live righteous lives, and they do not seek to live for the Jesus they claim to love and serve.

Now, does that sound like the depiction of the American Christian folk? Of course. We’ve thought we could live in whoredoms, we’ve thought we could live in spiritual fornication with every imaginable demon, we’ve thought we could live in idolatry and bloodshed and that we would MAINTAIN the blessing of God in our lives.

Now, the Christians are guilty. They are guilty of being swayed in calling for repeated bloodshed. Do you know how many endless wars America’s in? And do you know how many “patriotic Christians” are behind our troops who are merely the dupes of political egoists who take them and put them in captivity and in slavery to the murder machine—in order to increase their own prosperity—because war makes money. WAR MAKES MONEY.

And you see a lot of well-meaning Christians who say, “We’ve got to send our young people to the war front to defend our freedoms!” Sorry, you’d better examine it closer: they’re not defending the freedoms of America, they’re defending the business deals of dirty politicians throughout this earth, and the cunning craft of men, and women, who desire only their own gain.

And so you give your children up to bloodshed, and to shed blood throughout the world. For what? So some lying political figure can extract more money from the foolish American people, and have more bloodshed and more idolatry—causing God to be grieved.

Now, is there anything new under the sun? No. Are we going in a repeat cycle that we see again, and again, and again reiterated through the prophets in the days of old? Of course. And are we stupid enough to make an idol of a man when we should be looking to God? And, are we stupid enough when the man proves to be an egoistic maniacal fool in his decision making to fall down in despair? Or, should we simply say, “Oh, here we go again,” and set our hope aright, that is UPON THE LORD, and trust in God because He’s the One that’s able, and believe in Him because men are definitely failures, and so are women.

And we say, “Well, So and So was God’s choice.” Well, so was Saul, so was Solomon, and I could go on and on and on and name them all to you; but very few obeyed God, very few were willing to humble themselves and seek God’s counsel and walk in the same. So it’s not a new thing. Hey, Jesus hand-picked His disciples, but guess who was one of them? Judas.

So, are we above seeing human failure, and human frailty, and human betrayal? No. And do we think that we can blame God when we see it happen? No, because the bloodshed and the idolatry are already here in the land. Did one more fool come along, in the seat of authority, and give the dictate that we’re going to return to the altar of bloodshed internationally—because a great offense has been committed, but NOT BY US?

America is a hypocrite–a magnificent hypocrite–with 60 million plus unborn murdered...and now it’s even the born that we’re murdering. Did you know they suck out babies brains, and we’re worried about a few children dying of poisonous gas and vomiting out their own lungs? What about having your brains sucked out? What about having you head crushed? What about having your body salted with a solution that burns you alive in your mother’s womb? What about having parts of you pulled out and extracted by ‘medical procedure?’ And all because of sex-idolatry, that you’ve got to have it, you’ve got to do it, and you’ve got the right to your own body—so you’ll kill what you conceive under the name of “law.”

And we’re not guilty!...somebody OVER THERE is guilty. The most guilty nation on earth is right here. You want to talk to vets?, and they tell you the truth as they sob and cry and tell you how many children they murdered under orders in those vicious never-ending wars that America was and is in? Do you want to hear them tell you, as they cry and they can’t get the guilt and the bloodshed off their hands, of what they did “to defend this country,” when it had nothing to do with this country?

And do you want to see their broken lives, and do you want to see the distress, and the decay, and the heartbreak they live in again, and again, and again because they can’t be released from the torment, and the anguish of the blood they shed in “defense” of America?

And I tell them, “You didn’t do that for America, you did that for politicians, and you’d better cry out to God because it’s only Jesus that can take away that sin, and the penalty of that sin. And they wander, they’re desolate, and they, “Did it all for you America—that you could be free.” How long are we going to believe this mythology when we continue in bloodshed, in idolatry, and incur the wrath of God/the anger of God?

“Well, you said God was going to spare America!” No, God said He would spare America for His name’s sake, but it’s the same God who can change His mind and give to this nation the wrath she so justly deserves. I tell you, it’s the time to walk circumspectly in God. It’s the time to walk in the fear of God, and it’s not the time to blubber your eyes out over one more buffoon on the political scene, but IT’S THE TIME TO REALIZE THAT UNLESS GOD IS OUR HELP, we would have long since been destroyed. And if we don’t maintain the mercy of God by serving God in obedience, believe me people, we can be one more nation that God has done away with. Go back and check history. You see there’s nations, civilizations, great empires, and even [supposedly] invincible powers that God has destroyed.

Ok, Ezekiel 22, beginning in verse 1, I’m reading from the Amplified version, “MOREOVER, THE word of the Lord came to me, saying, And you son of man [Ezekiel], will you judge, will you judge the bloodshedding city? Then cause her to know all her abominations…” If you were to be giving to this nation of the United States of America a list of all her abominations, you would be at it for at least a month to six months of reading out the list, that’s how many abominations have been done in the so-called “Christian” nation.

And then it says, “And say, Thus says the Lord God: A city that sheds blood in the midst of her so that her time [of doom] will come, and makes idols [over those who worship them] to defile her!” So, what’s it saying? “Thus says the Lord God: A city that sheds blood in the midst of her…” IN THE MIDST OF HER! So you think God does not hold us accountable for the bloodshed of the unborn—for the endless death machine?

And what happened with self-righteous hypocrite that’s so worried about a few children in another nation that’s all the way across the world that a few children MAY have been gassed by their own president, when in this country the murder machine is still functioning, and the blood is still flowing, and the cries of the unborn are still unheard, and the incredible torture techniques that they are put through before they are extracted from mama whore is not even thought of? And we want to whine and cry and snivel, but we forget about THE BLOOD THAT WE HAVE CAUSED TO BE SHED within our own borders by our idol of “sexual freedom.”

Sicko! This is what you troops are defending and protecting as “America’s freedoms.” It’s sickening, it’s disgusting. “Make her to know her abominations.” I tell you something, we live in a land of abominations.

Then it says, “so that her time [of doom] will come, and makes idols [over those who worship them] to defile her! In your blood which you have shed you have become guilty, and you are defiled by the idols which you have made, and you have caused your time [of judgment and punishment] to draw near and have arrived at the full measure of your years. Therefore have I made you a reproach to the [heathen] nations and a mocking to all countries.”

I’m not making a big mountain out of a molehill, because it could change—by God’s mercy—but it could continue by God’s wrath. The magnificent hypocrite, which is the covering, and the One World Order dictators that have caused this egoistic man to make such an absurd fool of himself and the nation, what is it doing?, “Therefore have I made you a reproach to the [heathen] nations and a mocking to all countries.”

You think that other nations don’t know our record? You think that they don’t know that we come in as the big invaders proclaiming we’re doing it for democracy, and all the while we’re doing it for the ploys of the rich politicians who want to become richer by the deals they make with the big “forces?” You think the rest of the world doesn’t know that?? And we’re still wearing this face that “we want democracy,” then if a leader has been democratically elected, prior to the invasion of the Americans, then they demonize him as a total tyrannical despotic dictator—when his own people elected him. And WE SAY that we do everything in order to shed blood in the name of DEMOCRACY.

If this is democracy, it seems like it’s tyranny to me. It seems like IT IS NOT THE RULE OF THE PEOPLE, BUT IT IS THE RULE OF THE RICH, it is the rule of the greedy, lusting, salivating, demonized politicians who are drunk on power. It is not the rule of the common people. The common person in America would be satisfied to earn their living, to eat their food, to go to bed, and get up the next morning without the fear of war. Violence, bloodshed, idolatry…

Then He says, “Those who are near and those who are far from you will mock you, you infamous one, full of tumult. Behold, the princes of Israel in you, every one according to his power, have been intending to shed blood.” Now, have we seen any so-called president since World War II that has not been intending to shed blood? And maybe even back to World War I, I don’t know—there’s been so many hidden agendas in this whore that who knows the secret caverns of iniquity? Then going on it says, “In you have they treated father and mother lightly; in the midst of you they have dealt unjustly and by oppression in relation to the stranger; in you they have wronged the fatherless and the widow. You have despised and scorned My sacred things and have profaned My Sabbaths.” Now who’s Jesus? He is our Sabbath. And what have we done in these New Testament times—except profane Him by our exhibitions of sensuality in our so-called “Churches” and despise the Holy things of God, but brought in the filthy things of the world and the ways of the pagan.

Then it says, “In you are slanderous men who arouse suspicions to shed blood…” “Well, I think it was that dictator over there in that OTHER COUNTRY that has this poisonous gas that put these children (or these dolls), to death! So let’s go get him! Let’s bring out the troops (let’s set up the dupes), and let’s shed more blood!” “Yeah boss, let’s do it!”

And you good old Christian folk get behind your leader and send your little boy that you raised up. Do you remember when he lost his first tooth? Do you remember when he ran his first race? Or what about your beautiful little daughter…now she can be a murderer too. She can shed more blood. “Oh yeah, let’s do it, let’s give our kids over” the slaughter so we can slaughter other kids and return our own children as mindless idiots who wander in desolation—because they got to be a part of the MURDER MACHINE.

“In you are slanderous men who arouse suspicions to shed blood, and in you are they who have eaten [food offered to idols] upon the mountains; in the midst of you they have committed lewdness.” Now, from the reports that have been given–during the Obama, AND the Clinton eras of administration, the pink (white) house itself was turned into a full-scale brothel, not only with females available, but males available, and also children—right there in our so-called SEAT of authority.

“In you men have uncovered their fathers’ nakedness [the nakedness of mother or stepmother];” that means they’ve laid in sexual fornication with their own mothers and step-mothers. “In you they have humbled women who are [ceremonially] unclean [during their periods or because of childbirth].” So in other words, they were so desirous of blood, they had to even have it in their sex acts.

“And one has committed abomination with his neighbor’s wife, another has lewdly defiled his daughter-in-law, and another in you has humbled his sister, his father’s daughter.” Did you know that that’s one of the big pushes of the sex-crazed maniacs of this era…is INCEST?! Oh, sure, produce lunatic children, bring curses on yourself and your generations, have kids that are not only insane, but are maimed because of God’s curse against incest.

Then going on it says, “In you they have accepted bribes to shed blood.” Oh, do you think the Jewish mafia is bribing Trumpie to become the Chumpie? Somebody is.

And then it says, “you have taken [forbidden] interest and [percentage of] increase, and you have greedily gained from your neighbors by oppression and extortion and have forgotten Me, says the Lord God. Behold therefore, I have struck My hands together at your dishonest gain which you have made and at the blood which has been in the midst of you. Can your heart and courage endure or can your hands be strong in the days that I shall deal with you? I the Lord have spoken it, and I will do it.”

He doesn’t say, “maybe,” He doesn’t say “if,” He doesn’t say “perhaps,” He doesn’t say “it’s a possibility,” He said, “I’VE SPOKEN IT, AND I WILL DO IT.” But don’t you think that He gave them a season, and a call, and another call, and another call, and another season to REPENT? Of course. And do you think He’s done any different with this perverse and wicked land known as “America?” Do you think that He’s failed to give, repeatedly, the call to cop to our sins, to repent of our sins, and to turn from our sins, to stop shedding the blood of the innocents?

Now of course we need an international crisis because the pedophilia goes right back to the politicians. The pedophile scandals go right back to the men and the women at the top. And do you think that we can “allow that to happen?” No, we have to BLAME SOMEBODY—all the way across the world, and invade them, and put on a big show of military might, and fail, even at that, that we can be made fools before the whole world rather than admit our own wrong. It got too close to home and somebody had to pull a big act to get the attention away from the pedophile issue.

Somebody got us a pedophile time line. You look at that thing and you can see again, and again, and again, that the same sin was brought to the attention of the nation, and then shoved under the rug, and things went on as usual, and another war was brought to the forefront to cover up the inward sin, the inward filth, the inward bloodshed that this country’s guilty of.

Then it says, “And I will scatter you among the nations and disperse you through the countries, and I will consume your filthiness out of you.” Now, let’s take another look at this thing, God has promised He’s going to do away with the Jezebel rule. How’s He going to do it? We’d like to think it’s because there’s a just man in power and that the laws will be changed, and everything will be brought back to clean and holy living again, but maybe it’s not going to happen that way—the way we would like to see. Maybe God has to take another means and another method, and maybe it’s going to be right like He says right here: “And I will scatter you among the nations and disperse you through the countries, and I will consume your filthiness out of you.”

Is that the only way that the Jezebelian covering is going to be purged?, is under the punishing ROD in the time of Holy War, of wrath revealed? of an angry God that is sick of the filthiness, the contamination, the vileness? Only God knows.

And then He says, “And you shall be dishonored and profane yourself in the sight of the nations, and you shall know (understand and realize) that I am the Lord.” Food for thought, food for prayer, food for humbling ourselves unto the One true God who remains. Amen.