The “Jewish” Supremacy:

Potentially Fatal to Both Americans and Jews

Ratibor-Ray M. Jurjevich, 1988

G EORGE WASHINGTON, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain have warned Americans that if they allow Jews to come in great numbers, they will cause much trouble to the Christian population. Lincoln prevented “Jewish” bankers from plundering this country and they arranged his assassination. Henry Ford tried to sound an alarm against Jewish invasion, but the Jews threatened him into silence. Throughout history Jews have been fierce as top dogs. THE TALMUD, AS A SOURCE OF ZIONIST MORALITY, ALLOWS LYING, TREACHERY, EXPLOITATION, CHEATING AND MURDER OF THE GENTILES. That is approximately how Zionists related to Americans. They spy, plot, play unfair games, exploit their American host-nation, prepare for its demise as a free country. They dealt with Germans in an unscrupulous way and finally Nazism arose to counter the plunder and corruption. A number of anti-Semitic stirrings are noted among Americans. Unless the Jewish leaders adopt fairer practices and cease their unscrupulous domination, a groundswell of anti-Semitic resentment may sweep over this country and destroy many innocent, decent Jews. The cauldron is seething and may explode and do much harm to Americans—Jews as well as non-Jews.

“Why do you never tell your people that the Jews are universally hated, not because of their religion; not because they are God’s Chosen People, but because they have been a CESSPOOL OF INIQUITY in every nation where they have settled? They have been a nation of ‘blood sucking leeches,’ which have fastened themselves onto the human race and for every benefit they have given mankind, they have extracted their pound of flesh” —Evangelist General “Jack” Mohr (in a letter to 200 Fundamentalist leaders in 1980 upon his discovering the suppressed truth about the role of the atheist “Jews” in the destruction of Christian societies, taken from “Crusade For Christ and Country”).