Responsible Jews Against The Zionists

By Ratibor–Ray M. Jurjevich


A NUMBER OF DECENT JEWS have come out against Zionists’ abuses, inhumanity and crimes. Even they have been accused of “anti-Semitism.” Jewish sources are quoted admitting that dislike of Jews is partly due to their obnoxious, hostile and exploitive behavior. Zionists have destroyed unwanted Jews as brutally as they destroyed Arabs and anyone in their way. There were many criminals among Zionists past and present. Their actions are comparable to those of Nazis and Bolsheviks (racial and atheistic brothers of Zionists).

A disillusioned American Jew returned to the USA and revealed the unsavory, anti-Christian and non-democratic practices in Israel. Another old-time Zionist of a democratic persuasion left Israel, [and] unmasked Zionist criminality and their warm sympathies for the Soviet regime. He was persecuted by the Zionist power in the USA, kidnapped and saved from the clutches of American-Zionist officials by a Christian politician. He founded the Holy Land State Committee to return Palestine to a humane and civilized state in which Jews, Arabs and Christians would live in peace and equality, supplanting the present Nazi-like Zionist racist policies.

A survivor of Nazi concentration camps criticizes Zionist over-exploitation of the Holocaust. An Israeli journalist protested Zionist pogroms of Arabs. An American Jewish journalist renounced the Zionist censorship over American media.

Goings On

“The articles by Charles Fischbein about the workings of the Zionist agencies in this country are shocking. It takes a brave man to expose such goings on. I am concerned that this real American is putting himself too much in the limelight, especially since it is known that numerous big-salaried officials in the U.S. government are in reality anti-American, pro-Soviet and pro-Zionist” (Joseph J. Ford).

I hope that one day someone, preferably a Jew, will write about the opposition of decent Jews to the satanic Pharisees-Zionists through the centuries. Starting with St. Paul and St. John the Evangelist, Gamaliel, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, through medieval apostates from degraded forms of Judaism, to modern opponents of Zionist inhumanity, like professor Noah Chomsky of MIT, historian Dr. David Hogan, journalist Charles Fischbein, and many others...

Righteous Jews Against The Talmudic Zionists

There have always been noble Jews, loving, sensible, unaggressive, democratic, and respectful of the rights of others. The trouble is that the hateful, belligerent, vicious Talmudists and Zionists have suppressed the humane Jews, convinced their panicky co-religionists that they were impractical dreamers and that only violence and unscrupulousness will secure a safe place for the Jews in the world. This is an old division not only among the Jews but in all humanity: the tiger or wolf types had the upper hand for a time, but non-violent human beings were proven in the long run to be wiser and more successfully adapted to reality. Christ has said that the meek will inherit the earth. That is historically true if for no other reason than that the violent ones destroy one another. The Jewish history is full of examples of the sufferings brought upon the Jews by their aggressive factions--Zealots, Maccabees, Zionists, Talmudists...

There are cracks in the Zionist dictatorship over the Jews. The Zionists used to be a chauvinistic, embittered minority among the dispersed Jews. They were not well-respected and had only a few followers among those Jews who had achieved good standing in the Christian nations. The Nazi Holocaust, and the skillful promotional use of the Nazi crimes have provided Zionists with power to silence other Jews and assert themselves as the only leaders of the Jewish people.

Their stranglehold on Jewish organizations and people had not remained unchallenged by prominent leaders. Some noble Jews have criticized the Talmudic-Bolshevik atrocities and the brutal dictatorship over the Russians. In Israel itself, there was always an opposition to the Nazi-like Zionists. Some emigrated from Israel in protest against Zionist inhumanity toward Arabs. The noted Jewish philosopher and respecter of human personhood, Martin Buber, protested against the Zionist brutal treatment of the dispossessed and despised Palestinians. One of the principal promoters (through diplomatic channels) of the Jewish Homeland in Palestine and the first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, was known to be badly disappointed with the abusive, unscrupulous Zionist regime. He was simply pushed aside by the violent, Bolshevik types of Israeli leadership. When the news about the atrocities permitted by the Israeli army in Palestinian camps in Lebanon, became known in Israel, there were large demonstrations against Zionist officials in Jerusalem. These were people nobler than the ruling Zionists.

In the United States there were always Jewish opponents of the excessively nationalistic Zionists. These anti-Zionist Jews were silenced and suppressed, but there remained brave souls who refused to be intimidated and continued fighting against the flood tide of Zionist enthusiasts. (From the point-of-view of mass psychology, the Zionist minority domination over the Jews is comparable to the Nazis’ overwhelming control of the Germans. In both cases the critics were brutally repressed.)

Some U.S. Jews Finally Rebel Against The Totalitarian Zionists

A very significant development is that a number of the leading U.S. Jews have started a rebellion against the Zionist domination over World Jewry, particularly in the United States. The American Jewish Congress has finally protested the Nazi-like chauvinism and imperialism of the Zionists in Israel and “has publicly urged Israel to take part in an international peace conference and make compromises on the occupied territories, an issue on which the government of the Jewish state has been deadlocked for months” (“An Open Letter,” J. Mlot-Mfoz, 1987).

They have (after 40 years of bloodshed, oppression and terrorism over Palestinians and Arabs) recognized that injustice and violence would in the long run boomerang against the Jewish interests. “American Jewry must take part in the historical debate because on its outcome hangs the future of Israel and world Jewry” (ibid).

The American Jewish Committee (AJC), one of the two most powerful Jewish forums in the United States, has also expressed its disagreement with the current policies of Israel’s government, led in part by former terrorist leader, Itzak Shamir, “In April 1983, the American Jewish Committee publicly urged Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza [and] said the Jewish state’s settlement policy was ‘unhelpful to the peace process’” (ibid).

It is, however, a long way from words to action. The AJC failed to use the only argument effective with totalitarians: to threaten to cut off U.S. aid. The U.S. Jewish organizations continued to extort from captive Congressmen billions of dollars for Israel. Once again the Zionists may be pulling the wool over goyim eyes by talking humanely, but acting inhumanely.

Anti-Semitism Admitted To Be Reaction Against The Evil Jews

I do not mean to say that there would be no anti-Semitism if there were no evil Jews. Hatred, national or social prejudice, blind irritability toward those who are different (by skin color, class, language, etc.) have always been there in all cultures, societies and races. Xenophobia, (enmity toward strangers) springs eternally from the sinister human heart.

There was strong intolerance toward Jews even before and especially after the dispersion of them in 70 and 135 AD.

A reduction of anti-Semitism occurred in the 19th and this century as democracy and “Enlightenment” spread among Western peoples. I can frankly say that a majority of us who were educated in Europe and America in the 1920's and 1930's had no conscious anti-Jewish feelings. WE EMPATHIZED WITH THEM AS PERSECUTED PEOPLE and would have felt ashamed if we sensed any traces of dislike of the Jews—as a race or religion—in our reactions. It would have been embarrassing to discover in ourselves the racial antagonisms which, we believed, only savages had. Such was our rational education. We empathized with Jewish sufferings at the hands of the Nazis, and felt revulsion toward such Teutonic savagery. (As young people, we knew little of the Bolshevik gulags and the bloody destruction of Russians, and knew next to nothing about the “Jewish” leadership in Soviet atrocities.)

My first conscious and personal realization of the “Jewish” moral and spiritual corrosiveness came in my graduate study of psychology, although I had heard the Nazi propaganda lines. Now as a mature man (mid-1950's), I sensed that Freudism is a weapon for destruction of Christianity under the guise of psychological science. My open rejection of Freud’s atheistic system came almost twenty years later, in “The Hoax of Freudism” (R.M. Jurjevich, 1985). My animus against Jewish atheists became stronger when I abandoned my appreciation of psychology and understood more profoundly that the sources of modern, anti-Christian ideologies were in the Talmud and Kabbalah. Freud—without letting Christians know—borrowed his immoral, “liberating” ideas from the living traditions of the Pharisees. I also realized the full meaning of the fact, which I knew intellectually, that the “Russian” revolution was a Jewish revolution, and that the current conspiracy against Christian United States, is primarily fed by “Jewish” bankers and their stooges. I joined the opponents of these Satanic apostates from the Mosaic Judaism.

I was not surprised to find a number of Jews who shared my revulsion toward Pharisees-Talmudists, international bankers, and Communists. I was, however, surprised to find even some Zionists confessing that moral perversion of some Jews should be admitted as a cause of anti-Semitism. Look at what the founder of Zionism, Viennese journalist, Theodore Hertzl, in his book, “The Jewish State,” said about the reasons for anti-Semitism:

“The Jewish question exists wherever Jews are to be found in large numbers. Wherever it does not exist it is brought in by immigrating Jews...Every nation in whose midst Jews live is, either covertly or openly, anti-Semitic...Anti-Semitism increases day-by-day and hour-by-hour among the nations; indeed, it is bound to increase because the causes of its growth continue to exist and cannot be removed...Its immediate cause is our excessive production of mediocre intellects, who cannot find an outlet downwards or upwards—that is to say, no wholesome outlet in either direction. When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse (W. Grimstad, 1973).

“An amazing declaration, withal,” remarks the editor of Antizion, William Grimstad. “One of the most important Jews of recent times,” Grimstad comments, “acknowledges the TWO SIDES OF THE JEWISH SWORD: FINANCE AND REVOLUTION. Herd’s 2496 play, “The New Ghetto,” was written in support of his idea that Jews will be obnoxious and wretched until they have their own homeland: it is perhaps more ‘anti-Semitic’ than anything ever produced in ‘Nazi’ Germany” (ibid).

Hertzl’s contemporary, Otto Weininger, a young Viennese-Jewish philosopher-psychologist, in his capital work, “Sex and Character,” denied that the generally deceptive character of the Jews can be explained by their exposure to persecution. He sees it rather as a deeply ingrained duplicity, a way of life reflected already in the Old Testament. If Americans ponder his words, they might start liberating themselves from the irrational sense of guilt which the Zionists have injected via brainwashing.

“The faults of the Jewish race have often been attributed to the repression of that race by Aryans, and many Christians are still disposed to blame themselves in this respect. But the self-reproach is not justified. Outward circumstances do not mold a race in one direction, unless there is in the race the innate tendency to respond to the molding forces...How can we reconcile the idea that the Jewish character is a modern modification with the history of the foundation of the race, given in the Old Testament without any disapprobation of how the patriarch Jacob deceived his dying father, cheated his brother Esau and over-reached his father-in-law, Laban?” (Ibid).

A Group Of Democratic Jews Publicly Disavows The Zionist Oppressiveness

In the beginning of 1986, a group of American Jews sent a letter to “The Spotlight” rejecting the Zionist accusation that “The Spotlight” was anti-Semitic because it opposed the Zionist exploitation of American finances and power. Of the twelve of them, six were rabbis, four from New York, one from Florida, and one from South Africa. Of the six Jewish laymen, I will say more later about two of them, Haviv Schieber and Charles M. Fischbein. “As Jews who understand and revere our Jewish faith and heritage,” they say in their letter,

“We support, as inherent in the Jewish religion, the right of every man and woman to speak his or her beliefs.

We are familiar with ‘The Spotlight,’ and do not find any material in it to be anti-Semitic in nature and understand the position it takes showing the differences between Zionism and Judaism, Although we may not agree with all the positions taken by ‘The Spotlight,’ we support its right to present its political views.

As Jews, we understand that political Zionism has nothing to do with our religion, and do not deem as anti-Semitic those who oppose Zionism.

As citizens of the United States, we support the Constitution and the concepts of freedom of speech and press, and feel that anti-Zionist positions as well as pro-Zionist positions have a right to be presented to the American people.

We are happy to join with other prominent Americans who support free speech and press, and who feel that suppression of ‘The Spotlight’ is not in the tradition of our faith, or in the best interests of our great nation.”

In contrast to these democratic and humanitarian Jews, there are Zionist chauvinistic hotheads. Their totalitarian streak was manifested in their attempt to suppress all publications criticizing the brazenness of the Pharisees-Talmudists who are the backbone of Zionism. “For many years,” wrote ‘The Spotlight’ staff, “the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and other Zionist organizations have bitterly attacked ‘The Spotlight,’ which has consistently advocated the position of American neutrality throughout the world.”

The Spotlight Staff Comment On The Letter:

“These Jewish leaders and scholars understand that Zionism is a political movement, followed by less than 50 percent of the Jews today, and is the stated political philosophy of the government of Israel.

They are aware that Zionism is a political movement and has nothing to do with religion, except that it intrudes on their religious and political freedoms by using synagogues and Jewish community centers throughout the world for fundraising and political activities on behalf of Israel.

The Jewish leaders who have signed this letter feel that many more Jews would support the positions of ‘The Spotlight’ if it were not for the great power the Zionist agencies hold over the American Jews, a power that has been used to gain control of virtually all the major Jewish religious centers in the United Slates, with the exception of the Orthodox Jewish community, many of whose followers do not even recognize the existence of the state of Israel. The letter is a historic breakthrough in that it represents the first time a number of leading Jewish thinkers and clergy have come forward to support ‘The Spotlight’ and to exhibit an understanding of the position taken by the paper.”

Charles Fischbein has recently expressed his insight about the self-destruction built into the Zionist attitudes, in an article entitled, “Atrocities Committed in the Name of Zionism [,] a Tragedy” (1986). When non-Jews wrote in the same vein, they were dismissed with contempt accorded to the anti-Semites. What will they say about Fischbein’s statements: “The atrocities committed in the name of political Zionism constitute a tragedy without equal in Jewish history.”

These words were not spoken by Chairman Yassir Arafat or by Col. Muammar el-Quadaffi. They were uttered, and are being increasingly spoken by anti-Zionist Jews against the Zionists. These Jews believe Zionists are destroying not only the Holy Land, but the future of the Jewish people. DISTRUST OF ZIONISTS BY JEWS GOES BACK OVER 100 YEARS. A GROWING NUMBER OF JEWS BELIEVE THE ZIONISTS ARE THE WORST ENEMY OF MANKIND.

It is these anti-Zionist Jews who are most willing to work with the Arab populations to move toward a peaceful resolution of the problems that face Jew and Arab in the Holy Land. Unfortunately, however, the Zionist Jews of Israel, in their desire to kill any peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict between Jew and Arab in the Holy Land, have undertaken a campaign in Israel to threaten and even kill anti-Zionist Jews. Led by Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, and supported in the United Stales by “Americans for a Safe Israel,” the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, these Zionist Jews are planning a genocidal campaign against their anti-Zionist brothers. Hundreds of armed Israeli soldiers have attacked, beaten and severely injured anti-Zionist Jews during prayer at the Western (Wailing) Wall, Judaism’s most holy site. Jews in America who dare to speak out against Israel are threatened with lawsuits, thrown out of religious congregations and even physically attacked by JDL thugs.

Zionist Terrorists

Resistance is growing, however, against the Zionist Jews “The Journal of        Judaic Studies,” a new publication of anti-Zionist Jews with a worldwide following, stated: “WE BELIEVE THAT THE ROOT CAUSE OF TERRORISM IN THE MIDDLE EAST LIES WITH THE ZIONISTS. These same Zionists who sank the ‘USS Liberty’ (1967), who bombed the ‘Patria’ in Haifa Harbor [with refugee Jews aboard], think nothing about killing fellow Jews and American friends.”

The statement went on: “We believe that the entire Zionist Establishment (constitutes) the real terrorists, and according to Jewish law (they) are responsible for all the bloodshed of Jew and Arab alike. We believe that peace will not come as long as the Zionists are in control of the Holy Land”

Fischbein expresses hope that the newly released Jewish dissident from the U.S.S.R., Anatoly Scharansky, who had been jailed for monitoring human rights abuses in the Soviet Union, will also start protesting the Zionist violations of the Arab human rights. He concludes in a way I, too, would have written: “The events that have taken place within the Jewish world in the last few months are beginning to show the inherent weaknesses in the Zionist community, a community that was traditionally viewed to be one of the most powerful on Earth.

If those who once supported the Zionist movement begin to turn against it, it will be possible for the structure to begin to come apart, and the power that the Zionists hold over the United States of America and Israel can begin to be taken apart.”

Zionists Are Devils Agents According To The Orthodox Jews

The caption may sound unbelievable to most Americans who draw their information from the American media which are under the control of the powerful, if deluded, Zionist leaders. Zionism is a disguise for power-seeking apostate “Jews,” who are no closer to the Hebrew righteousness described in the Old Testament than is the other wing of the godless conspiracy, guided by the international bankers, the Communists.

The religious consciousness, Hebraic or Christian, has always seen these power-seeking, haughty and fierce rebels and warriors as bearers of a satanic rather than godly spirit. Their opposition, of course, among Jews no less than among Christians, was despised and rejected by these extreme nationalists.

The Zionists, surprisingly, have much in common with the Nazis. They both came out of peoples that used to have strong Judaic, or Christian foundations, yet both rejected their own religious traditions and in reality became crude pagans. Among Jews—to be more precise, the Khazars of East and West Europe—the movement of the godless reformers and revolutionaries developed two wings, the Zionists and Communists. Although seemingly opposite, they had much in common, just like Nazis and Communists had. They were all inspired by hatred for Christ, His Church and Christianity.

To continue with common features of Nazism and Zionism: they were condemned by the faithful holding to the strictest beliefs of the Christian or Jewish Orthodox traditions. The Orthodox Jews—like devoted Lutherans (Evangelicals), faithful (non-secularized) Reformed Church members, and the best among Catholics opposing Hitler—remained critical of the brutal, godless, secularist, power-seeking Zionists. The protest of the Orthodox Jews was suppressed by the Zionists in the name of the allegedly higher Jewish national interests, just like Nazis did in sending to KZs their Christian opponents. (In my spiritual autobiography, “A Psychologist’s Ventures in Faith: How God Guided and Preserved His Unworthy Servant, Psychologist Ray. From Nazi and Communist Europe to Ex-Christian America.”) Such godless Jewish nationalists were a plague for the nation of Israel even in pre-Christian times during the Roman occupation of the Holy Land. They finally brought--we should never tire of mentioning--the destruction of the whole nation and the dispersion of the Jews throughout the world.

Regarding the other totalitarian Jewish movement, Communism, Rabbi Antelman (“To Eliminate the Opiate,” 1974) had written fearlessly of the persecution, malice, and murder of the Orthodox Jews by the apostate Jews, now in the guise of Communist “rabbis” and their alignment with the “Jewish” bankers. I have summarized Rabbi Antelman’s information in “The Contemporary Faces of Satan (1985) and tied it in with additional data on their alliance with the Illuminati, i.e., the infiltrators into the French Masonic lodges, and their joint launching of Communism upon the world as the instrument of their power. These apostates from Judaism founded Reform, and later Conservative Judaism, as heresies opposing the Orthodox. The Reform and Orthodox seminarians in Prague, for example, fought bitterly in the 2430's and some students were murdered. The Reform (apostate) “Jews” also carried out intrigues at the Russian court against the Orthodox Jews, using their Masonic connections to severely handicap those who had remained faithful to traditional Judaism.

Neturei Karta Against Zionists

One of the significant centers of opposition to Zionism appears to be the movement of Neturei Karta (Guardians of the City) with large groups of adherents in both New York and Israel. In Israel, a supposedly Jewish state, they have been demanding stricter adherence to the traditional Judaic ways of living (no car traffic or bathing on the beaches on Saturdays, cessation of all work on the Sabbath, modesty of dress, etc.). THE SECULAR JEWS SEE THEM AS BACKWARD, NO DIFFERENT THAN SECULARIST CHRISTIANS VIEW FUNDAMENTALISTS, MENNONITES AND OTHER TRADITIONALISTS and strict interpreters of God’s revelation in the Bible. The Jerusalem police, as an organ of the infidel Zionist state, had many conflicts with the Orthodox and treated them with no more consideration than the Nazi police handled conscientious objectors. Beatings and jailings were the order of the day. (I have described my contact with the oppressed and threatened German Christians during the Nazi reign.) Many Israelis consider this conflict between the faithful and secular Jews as a more serious problem of their society than even the Palestinian and Arab threats.

The New York Times, departing from its usual “Jewish” (Zionist and pro-Communist) line, reported on the Neturei Karta in a 1980 article entitled “The Silent Jews.” The report dealt with an unusual show of strength of 20,000 Orthodox Jews gathered on short notice for the funeral of their beloved rabbi. At a previous funeral of an even more popular leader, 100,000 of the Orthodox gathered to pay homage. (These are Hassidim, the Righteous Ones, a Jewish religious revival movement originating in East Europe.) The reporter is evidently sympathetic to them, and is not an “enlightened” Jew.