My Name Declared


Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to this broadcast. The name of this message is, “My Name Declared.” Now, the Lord is very jealous for His name. He’s very jealous that men and women would know and understand that in Him is resident all power—because He is the Almighty God—that in Him is resident mercy and truth and light, but likewise in Him is resident wrath.

And we are seeing a time when God is bringing His Holy War against the enemies of His purpose. And He’s doing that that His name would be kept, and that men would recognize, once again, that He is the all-powerful, and that His name is power, and glory, and strength, and that we need to reverence Him, to worship Him, and to OBEY HIM.

Now, in this particular chapter of Exodus, we see that God has quite obviously declared Holy War upon Pharaoh. See, this Holy War principle is not a new thing, because GOD HAD IT BACK THEN, HE HAS IT NOW, and it’s His to operate in any time that He chooses. But in this chapter 9, we find that the Lord gives several demonstrations of miracles of His wrath.

Now, we are accustomed to think that miracles means, oh, somebody’s foot grew, or somebody’s arm was able to be used, or somebody could see that was blind; and we think in terms of mercy. But, GOD DOES MIRACLES OF WRATH. And these miracles of wrath, magicians couldn’t repeat, sorcerers couldn’t invent, and all the enchanters could not bring forth because they came of God. And God is the miracle-working God. So, we need to realize that even when things appear to be hopeless, that if we hope in God, then God is able.

Now, the rule of Pharaoh over God’s people was one of oppression, it was one of darkness, and it was one of witchcraft, and usury, and all manner of perversity, I’m sure, against them—because they had been brought down to the position of slaves in Pharaoh’s kingdom, and they had to work for whatever it was that was dictated unto them, and they had to be under the oppression of the darkness of Egypt, and under the witchcraft that was found in that culture. And God is the One who heard their cries, and God is the One who sent forth Moses to deliver His people.

Now, in comparison with the Jezebel reign of power that this land has been under, and I’m speaking of the United States of America, we can see many similarities—if we desire to do so. There’s the rule of witchcraft, there’s the oppression, there’s the darkness, there’s the slavery. DID YOU KNOW NOW THAT PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY SLAVES TO SIN?—even so-called “Christians” are slaves to sin. And so there are a lot of similarities. And it is God, and God alone that brings deliverance; and it is God who does miracles of wrath when He sets out to deliver His people.

One thing that we need to remember—that God does this for the sake of His own name. THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO BE FOUND UNDER THE WRATH OF GOD at this time, who will be found there BECAUSE THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN NOR TRUST IN GOD. They do not look to God, but they have been swayed into the multitude of idolatries, into the multitude of witchcrafts that so many are taken into and become literal slaves of sin.

Now, such ones as these, God gives the call to repent. If they are too proud, too high-minded, too believing in self—rather than God, then they will be taken down under God’s Holy War, under His wrath revealed, and they will likewise be devoured. But God is merciful, He gives that call of repentance that men hear, and obey, and come in to His way.

We begin here in chapter 9, and I’ll be reading out of the Amplified version, and this is what it says, “THEN THE Lord said to Moses, Go to Pharaoh and tell him, Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: Let My people go, that they may serve Me.”

So He’s giving Moses the direct command “LET MY PEOPLE GO, THAT THEY MAY SERVE ME.” Because, do you know why? We see the exact same similarity of what’s passing in these times—that under the Jezebel rule, the majority of God’s people cannot serve Him—because:

❦ they are fed delusion,

❦ they are fed witchcraft,

❦ they are fed fabrication,

❦ they are filled on lies, and hypocrisies, and mockeries of the Living God.

God is angry that His own people cannot truly serve Him—because they are so hindered, and so bogged down, and so oppressed, that they give up, and they serve idols, and they serve a multitude of witchcrafts, and they serve fancy inventions, and fabricated tales, and they serve fat, greedy preachers that take them right to Hell. So, they are under that oppression that has come about by the Jezebelian hatred for truth, and the rule of witchcraft in this land.

So God gave the command then, He said, “Let My people go, that they may serve Me.” Now, you have to realize that for Pharaoh to let God’s people go, meant that he would allow the major labor force of the nation to be gone, and his slaves to be bye-bye when he actually needed them for their economic purpose. And so, to hear a command that says, “LET MY PEOPLE GO,” is very disturbing—God or no God. It’s definitely disturbing to the economics of the slave system.

And then it says, “If you refuse…,” and this is God speaking through Moses, to Pharaoh, and God is telling him what he’s going to say, “If you refuse to let them go and still hold them, Behold, the hand of the Lord [will fall] upon your livestock which are out in the field, upon the horses, the donkeys, the camels, the herds and the flocks; there shall be a very severe plague.” Now, that’s a miracle. That’s a miracle brought by God. That’s a miracle of wrath—that God is going to smite them in their livelihood through the plagues and upon the livestock.

And then it says, “But the Lord shall make a distinction between the livestock of Israel and the livestock of Egypt, and nothing shall die of all that belongs to the Israelites.” Now, if we understand anything about infectious disease, which is normally what plagues are in terms of physical death brought about by a sickness, that when it is a plague it is an infectious disease, and that’s why it’s counted as a plague, because it spreads from one to another, to another, to another, until all are in a heap of death.

So, what He’s saying here is there’s going to be a DIFFERENTIATION between the Israelites and the Egyptians, and what belongs to the Egyptians is going to be smitten with the plague and done away with. So, you have to realize, with them being an agrarian culture, for them to lose their livestock, which was a big investment, meant a big deficit.

So it’s a serious threat that God was giving to Pharaoh, “Hey listen here king pin, this is going to come on you if you don’t cooperate—because I want my people to worship me.” Why? FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE, for the fact that He is the Living God, the Almighty God, and that He’s the One that sent His people to Egypt to begin with, and now He wants them back, to be in their own land to serve Him. Because obviously WITH THE MULTITUDE OF WITCHCRAFTS AND LIES AND OPPRESSION AND DARKNESS IN EGYPT, THEY WERE UNABLE TO GIVE HIM THE KIND OF SERVICE THAT HE DESIRED.

So going on, “And the Lord set a time, saying, Tomorrow the Lord will do this thing in the land. And the Lord did that the next day, and all [kinds of] the livestock of Egypt died; but of the livestock of the Israelites not one died.” Now, I’m sure that the control-center for diseases—infectious diseases, in Atlanta would lose their teeth over that—that all these livestock of the Egyptians died, and none of the livestock of the Israelites died.

Now when God says, “I’m able to keep my own,” He even put that upon the animals, upon the livestock—His keeping power, His protective mercy, His shield—against the very plague that He had brought upon the livestock of the Egyptians. That’s a miracle of wrath. That’s a miracle of God’s wrath!

See, we limit God, we think, “Oh, God can’t do this, God can’t do that…Well, the enemy’s got this, the enemy’s got that.” WE SHOULD NEVER LIMIT WHAT GOD’S ABLE TO DO. We should never put a limitation and say, “God can’t do that,” because He can! And God wants our hearts to be lifted up in this time of Holy War in expectation of His delivering power for the just, and of His miracles of wrath revealed against the wicked.

Now, God delivered the livestock of the Israelites from the very plague that He sent into Egypt upon the livestock of the Egyptians. So you see there the two-pronged miracle: the miracle of mercy for His own, and the miracle of wrath for the Egyptians. Thank you Jesus.

And then it says, “Pharaoh sent to find out, and behold, there was not one of the cattle of the Israelites dead.” So he sent his investigators. “But the heart of Pharaoh was hardened [his mind was set] and he did not let the people go. The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, Take handfuls of ashes or soot from the brick kiln and let Moses sprinkle them toward the heavens in the sight of Pharaoh.” So he’s just going in there and taking up this ash from where they’d been firing the bricks, and he was just going to throw it up in the air.

And then it says, “And it shall become small dust over all the land of Egypt.” So, let’s get into a subject that most Christians won’t even think about, talk about, or want to comprehend. But basically what God is telling Moses to do here is invoke a curse—by throwing up these ashes.

He’s saying, “Bring the curse down upon them, and this is the manifestation—the throwing up of these ashes go up towards the heavens—and these ashes will go out and become this small dust that will bring infectious boils.” If you’ve ever had a boil, you never want to have one’s a terrible affliction.

And then He’s saying here, “And it shall become small dust over all the land of Egypt, and become boils breaking out in sores on man and beast in all the land [occupied by the Egyptians].” I don’t know what they had left of their livestock, but maybe it meant their pets, maybe they had dogs, and I know they had cats in Egypt, so maybe those were going to get the boils too.

And then it says, “So they took ashes or soot of the kiln and stood before Pharaoh; and Moses threw them toward the sky, and it became boils erupting in sores on man and beast.” So just like that, that’s a curse by Almighty God, given by through the hand of His servant—because of the stubbornness, the pride, the defiance, and the rebellion of Pharaoh to God’s desire.

“NO, I WON’T LET YOUR PEOPLE GO. I WON’T DO IT.” Ok, he’s wanting to play hard ball, so we’ll see who the winner is, we’ll see who the captain is, we’ll see who reigns supreme, we’ll see who is the Almighty. Pharaoh thought he was the Almighty, that he could resist God, that he could do what he wanted to do, not what God wanted him to do.

What happens to people who harden their hearts, and stiffen their necks, and set up in rebellions against God? CALAMITY, HARDSHIP, PLAGUES, WRATH. Why? Because of that REBELLIOUS SPIRIT towards God.

And then it says, “And the magicians could not stand before Moses because of their boils…” I bet they were so sore, pus oozing, pain striking, oh just terrible. “…for the boils were on the magicians and all the Egyptians.”

So, these magicians are magic-workers supposedly, why can’t they do magic and get rid of the boils, why can’t they do magic and clear the land of the boils, why can’t they do magic and have all the boils dry up? Because the boils are the curse of God. Yes God curses the wicked, God curses His enemies, and God brings curses through His servants when He so chooses—upon the unrighteous.

Then it says, “But the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, making it strong and obstinate, and he did not listen to them or heed them, just as the Lord had told Moses. Then the Lord said to Moses, Rise up early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh and say to him, Thus says the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, Let My people go, that they may serve Me.” So what is God’s motivation? To have His people to serve Him, honor Him, and glorify Him—instead of bowing to the gods of the Egyptians, instead of bowing to the witchcraft that is multiplied in Egypt, instead of bowing to Pharaoh—that His people can be SET FREE TO SERVE HIM.

Then it says, “For this time I will send all My plagues upon your heart and upon your servants and your people, that you may recognize and know that there is none like Me in all the earth.” In other words, “You’re going to have to admit it, you stubborn idiot, that I’m the Almighty. You’re going to have to admit that I reign supreme, you’re going to have to admit that your power is less than My power, little fleshly pharaoh.”

“For by now I could have put forth My hand and have struck you and your people with pestilence, and you would have been cut off from the earth. But for this very purpose have I let you live, that I might show you My power, and that My name may be declared throughout all the earth,” that My name may be declared, that My name may be declared throughout all the earth! How’s it going to be declared? It’s going to be declared by the very fact that the nations round about—visitors/strangers are observing all these miracles of wrath, and it’s going to be a widespread fact that the Israelites were delivered from the hand of the Egyptians.

Now it makes me wonder, in our present circumstance in this wicked nation that has been under the Jezebel rule, that the losing Jezebelians are squawking, and ranting, and raging, and plotting, and scheming, and even have their schemes of assassination, and violence, and upheaval, could it be that it’s the Lord who has made them so defiant of defeat? “Oh no, it’s the agenda of the elite.” No, God is greater than the elite. GOD IS GREATER THAN THE ELITE—HE REIGNS SUPREME.

It could be that God is the One who is making these fools behave in such a manner of rebellion, and defiance, that He is going to make His name be declared throughout the earth again, when the nations see that these rebels are brought down by God, and openly defied by the power of God.

We have a lot to rejoice in if we love God. Because God has stepped up and said to me, when I was praying months before there was any political election in this country, He spoke to me clearly and He said, “I WANT TO SAVE THIS NATION FROM UTTER DESTRUCTION FOR THE SAKE OF MY NAME.” And when you see something that’s headed 90 mph, 190 mph, or 900 mph down the road to Hell, as this nation has been, and God says to you, “Pray for the very sake of My name that I will spare the nation,” that makes you stop in your tracks and say, “Ok, you want it, I’ll pray for it.” So, is God moving? God is moving.

Then it says, “But for this very purpose have I let you live, that I might show you My power, and that My name may be declared throughout all the earth. Since you are still exalting yourself [in haughty defiance] against My people by not letting them go, Behold, tomorrow about this time I will cause it to rain a very heavy and dreadful fall of hail, such as has not been in Egypt from its founding until now.”

Now I don’t know what time of year this was, but that’s definite crop destruction—a heavy fall of hail. “Send therefore now and gather your cattle in hastily, and all that you have in the field; for every man and beast that is in the field and is not brought home shall be struck by the hail and shall die.” So this was man-killer hail. It wasn’t just destruction of crops, it was literally KILLER hail. That is a miracle of wrath—killer hail.

And then it says, “Then he who feared the word of the Lord among the servants of Pharaoh made his servants and his livestock flee into the houses and shelters. And he who ignored the word of the Lord left his servants and his livestock in the field.”

“Ha! Let that Moses say on, he’s full of it. We’ve got our magicians, they’ll protect us, we have our multitude of witchcrafts, we even have an idol similar to Jezebel that we bow to. We don’t have to fear God!”

“The Lord said to Moses, Stretch forth your hand toward the heavens, that there may be hail in all the land of Egypt, upon man and beast, and upon all the vegetation of the field…” there goes the crops, “throughout the land of Egypt.” So, here we have Moses again invoking another curse upon the rebellious, upon the hateful, upon the disorderly, upon the vile, upon the idol-worshippers, upon the oppressors, and upon the comes the hail.

Then it says, “Then Moses stretched forth his rod toward the heavens, and the Lord sent thunder and hail, and fire (lightning) ran down to and along the ground, and the Lord rained hail upon the land of Egypt. So there was hail and fire flashing continually in the midst of the weighty hail, such as had not been in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation. The hail struck down throughout all the land of Egypt everything that was in the field, both man and beast; and the hail beat down all the vegetation of the field and shattered every tree of the field”–a good-sized demonstration of God’s Holy War, of God’s Wrath revealed, of God’s tactics of warfare, of God’s sore displeasure with the rebellious, stubborn, proud, defiant, hateful leader—that His Name would be declared, and people would recognize Him as the Almighty.

“Only in the land of Goshen, where the Israelites were, was there no hail. And Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron, and said to them, I have sinned this time; the Lord is in the right and I and my people are in the wrong. Entreat the Lord, for there has been enough of these mighty thunderings and hail [these voices of God]; I will let you go; you shall stay here no longer. Moses said to him, As soon as I leave the city, I will stretch out my hands to the Lord; the thunder shall cease, neither shall there be any more hail, that you may know that the earth is the Lord’s. But as for you and your servants, I know that you do not yet [reverently] fear the Lord God. The flax and the barley were smitten and ruined, for the barley was in the ear and the flax in bloom. But the wheat and spelt [another wheat] were not smitten, for they ripen late and were not grown up yet. So Moses left the city and Pharaoh, and stretched forth his hands to the Lord; and the thunder and hail ceased, and rain was no longer poured upon the earth. But when Pharaoh saw that the rain, the hail, and the thunder had ceased, he sinned yet more, and toughened and stiffened his hard heart, he and his servants. So Pharaoh’s heart was strong and obstinate; he would not let the Israelites go, just as the Lord had said by Moses.”

So, what did he ask for? Pharaoh asked to be utterly destroyed. Pharaoh asked to be devastated, Pharaoh asked to be ruined, pharaoh asked to have the full course of God’s Holy War Wrath revealed upon him and his nation because of his refusal to obey the command given through the servant of God—“Let My people go.” AND GOD’S NAME IS STILL DECLARED THROUGHOUT THE EARTH BECAUSE OF THE MIRACLES OF HOLY WAR WRATH REVEALED UPON THE LAND OF EGYPT. AMEN.