Fear of the Jews

Part 1

Gen. James Green

T HERE SHOULD BE no doubt that the Zionist/Talmudic Jews rule/control American politics and politicians. President D. J. Trump is NO exception. He is their Deep State puppet. The stiff STENCH of TREASON, from the bottom of the Sewer Swamp, to the top fills the air in D. C.; Trump’s “Great leap Leftward” cannot be denied. He has become like all the rest, a counterfeit!

But what can we expect?–with the “Christian” Zionists surrounding him (advise him spiritually)—Rev. Paula White, that pretty blonde, is an “Israel First” minister, and so are most of his other “advisors.” These “ministers of God” keep the BIG LIE that, “the Jews are still God’s Chosen people” going. Rev. John Hagee claims that Jesus never came to be Messiah to the Jewish people (He said this in his book, “In Defense of Israel,” 2007)! Why would a, “popular in the public’s face preacher” say such a thing—since the Bible declares, “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not” (John 1:11)? He told the Houston Chronicle (1988) that, “Trying to convert Jews is a waste of time. Jews already have a covenant with God that has never been replaced by Christianity.” Really now? Just where do we find this in the Bible?

It is pretty hard to deny that Jesus was not speaking of the Jews (1:11)—the race into which He (Jesus) was born—with their peculiar religious privileges (see Rom. 9:4, 5). Christ was first sent to the Jewish people, not the Gentiles: “(Jesus said) I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matt. 15:24).

Another Heretic

REV. JOHN MACARTHUR told his conference, “If you get Israel right you will get eschatology right,” meaning end times. MacArthur also teaches that covenants of Scripture were/are irrevocable promises on God’s sovereign, unilateral, unconditional election. “Unconditional election?” Just where is this found in Scriptures? ALL COVENANTS ARE “CONDITIONAL.” I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Of course all this “Israel worship” /eschatology stuff goes hand-in-hand with the pre-tribulation rapture LIE (write for our trilogy on the “Rapture” Lie—free).

Dont Be Fooled!

TAKE CAUTION: these “Israel First,” “God’s Chosen People” folks are skrewed in their thinking/preaching about what the Bible really teaches. The Bible plainly teaches that Israel’s inheritance of the Promised Land was/is CONDITIONAL on OBEDIENCE. Yet, the mainstream evangelical Church has had an adulterous affair with the non-Christian Zionist position which states that the UNTOUCHABLE Jewish people are BLESSED by G-d no matter what they do! And you poor deceived “dupes for Israel” donate tens of millions of dollars to Israel…all the while, Israel plots/plans against, and executes, peoples all over the world—especially in Palestine/the Middle East. Israel and Zionists are so deep in this nation’s affairs, we can rightly call America JewSA.

And the Jews themselves push the BIG LIE of 6 million Jews dying in the Holocaust. The true numbers would be less than half of that. Dozens of holocaust films have been made to keep the “pity party” ongoing. And along with all the film industry, Holocaust museums pop up all over this duped nation.

Jewish/Zionist Activists

JEWISH/ZIONIST ACTIVISTS work day and night to UNITE ALL Americans under a One-World ban on criticism of Israel, with an overblown definition of “anti-Semitism,” and a “human rights” bureaucracy ruled directly from JerUSAlem! Jewish (or what is called “Jewish,” some doubt that there are very many bloodline Jews left in the world by DNA) supremacy is a prideful plague—like Americanism.

Now America has the Trump family promoting this plague, with Trump’s daughter being a converted Jew (although Trump’s first wife was a Jew herself—that makes the daughter a double Jew!), and Trump’s son-in-law a Zionist. And Mr. Trump is surrounded by Zionists in the work place. And who dares to say a word about it all? Oh, no, Americans (even most Jews themselves that hate Zionism) ARE AFRAID OF BEING LABELED “ANTI-SEMITE.” Well, someone must say something being that America was settled and established by mostly Bible-believing Christians, not Jews. Yet, these Jews (the anti-Christian / anti-America ones) continue year after year to undermine this nation’s constitution and the Christian civilization. The epic spiritual struggle between Christ Jesus and the Jews now spans over two millennia.

American Christians—no matter what label they wear—BY IGNORING THE WAR AT HAND, SURRENDER THEIR NATION. This is a disgrace indeed.

If you allow this trend to continue, religious liberty will severely be restricted. Mark it down!...all in the name of “security.”

Who do you think took God/Bible reading/prayer out of the public schools? Who do you think got abortion decriminalized? Who do you think pushes the whole GLBTQP filth? Who do you think controls the mass media, entertainment industry, the banking system etc., etc.?

Zionism=Real Enemy Of Jews!

WHAT? That’s right! It is those Luciferians / Illuminatists / Zionists who USE the Jews for their own evil and twisted gains. Ethical and moral Judaism are worlds apart from the political agenda of “Zionism.” Still, Orthodox Judaism is an enemy of Biblical Christianity. The Orthodox Jews blaspheme Jesus and hate Christianity. And then, we’ve got the normal Jew who, like most Americans, has no agenda at all...they just want to live and let live. The same goes for Muslims.

So, what we’re looking at is (demon-inspired) Zionistic religious/political Pharisaic/Orthodox and secular Jews. There are religious Judaic Zionists who practice the Zionism of the Old Testament. There are “Christian Zionists” who support the political state of Israel, which opposes religious Judaism—as a non-political state. The Zionists’ agenda is basically focused on a future world dominated and ruled by their movement.

“Christian Zionists” (like Hagee) believe that Israel will be in the middle of the world-ending change, preoccupied with geographical territory, political power and nuclear holocausts of the Islamic/Arabic world.

There are “Christ-centered Zionists” who know that true Zionism has nothing to do with territorial land borders or national politics and nukes.

In Jesus’ day, there were all kinds of different beliefs also. THE CONVERTED JEWS REALIZED THAT “ISRAEL” WAS MORE SPIRITUAL THAN NATURAL. This aggravated the political / national Jews, labeling Jesus as “anti-Semitic,” hence, even murdering their very own Messiah—“King of the Jews.” But before this, the Jews wanted to make Jesus HEAD of a new political Zionist state (see John 6:15 and Matthew 4:8-11)!

Since Jesus would not become a political Zionist leader, He was labeled, by the Jewish state, an ENEMY (see Luke 23:1-4). Jesus plainly told Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world (see John 18:36), i.e., not located in Palestine or any other geographical location. Hagee holds that JerUSAlem will be Christ’s new H.Q. in the future, contradicting Jesus. The “Christian Zionists” (and others) believe that the Church (universal Ekklesia, made up of born-again, Spirit-filled, baptized, and obedient Christian believers) has not replaced the racial Jews. BUT THE UNIVERSAL EKKLESIA HAS REPLACED RACIAL JUDAISM.

True Zionist!

JESUS, in every sense of the word, was a true Zionist...and not merely Judaic (like those who murdered Him; nor was He a political). Psalm 110:2 tells us that, “The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.” “Zionism” was and is a spiritual realm, not merely a physical place—although there was a physical Zion (see Ps. 2:6). Hence, there is political and Judaic Zionism. Galatians 4:24-27 delineates between true Biblical (New Testament) Zionism and political/Judaic (Old Testament) Zionism. There is the national state of Jerusalem which is spiritually enslaved, represented by Hagar the Egyptian, and there is the heavenly Jerusalem (“not of this world” as Jesus said) which is represented by Sarah—the FREE woman and her children of the promise.