Epic Battle For Freedom Continues

Gen. James Green

T HERE IS an eerie feeling settling over America that says, “Here we go again!”–meaning, one more Deep State/Zionist-controlled president to deal with. The high hopes for CHANGE that Donald J. Trump gave the voters, has now turned to “We’ll wait and see.”

This “Jew” York family is really something to behold: Trump’s daughter, a converted Jew (but her mother is a Jew!) is the president’s closest advisor. Trump’s son-in-law is a staunch “Israel First” Zionist, who basically rules in Trump’s stead, and gets his orders from Israel. Many of Trump’s chums are Zionists. Hmmmm!

But let’s think a moment: Trump promised “America First,” if I’m not mistaken, not “Israel First.” Is Trump going to do what HELLary Clinton wanted to do—destroy America?

You say, “General Jim, we’re not to get involved in politics as Christians.” We’re not to get entangled (2 Tim. 2:4: empleko [Strong’s G1707], “entwined,” “satisfied,” “to inweave”). It does not mean that we’re not to pray for or against those in power, and for or against their purposes/plans/agendas etc. True, Biblical Christianity must always put Christ first, not man, woman, or politics. But since politics are of “the world,” we cannot ignore them. Romans 13 tells us that God establishes politics and politicians (the “State”). This world needs certain restraints and authority to protect citizens from chaos and lawlessness. BUT GOD ALSO EXPECTS THOSE IN POWER NOT TO ABUSE THEIR POWER, thus they themselves cause chaos/lawlessness! This is repeated over and over again in American politics. Mr. Trump promised to BREAK this cycle. If these governmental authorities break God’s moral laws, then we are not obligated to obey them/stand with them, but to speak out AGAINST them.

“Every time I see the American flag flutter over the Capitol, My heart flutters also!” (American Patriot).

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (Jesus, John 8:32).

Let’s be honest, America’s God has always been the Biblical God, hence Biblical Christianity has always been America’s religion–not Judaism, nor Islam. But America was founded by Bible-believing Christians that once were of the original 13 colonies—most of the colonists were believers. Reformed theology was carried to the shores of what was later to be called “America” by English Puritans in the 1620s. There were Presbyterians, Congregationalists, Baptists, Dutch Reformeds, German Reformeds, and other smaller Calvinistic Communions. MANY OF THE 13 COLONIES HAD “CHRISTIAN” CONSTITUTIONS, BUT WHEN ALL 13 BECAME THE “UNITED STATES,” JESUS WAS NOT INCLUDED! What?? That’s right. Oh, the Judeo-Christian tradition was carried on, but the “god” of the new Republic was “We The People” (see my magazine, “Americanism! We’ve Been DECEIVED!,” 26 pgs.). So, America is a secular nation with lots of professing Christians in it. Hence, it is our responsibility to be a true witness for Jesus Christ the Lord…and this includes praying for, and praying against, peoples and policies.


Never Tolerated

TO BE HONEST HERE, genuine Christianity has never been tolerated when ALL religions are tolerated. And, true Biblical Christians cannot have any other god/gods other than God Himself. If we endorse other religions (even Judaism/Zionism, both reject Christ), giving them equality to Christ, and believe in the “FREEDOM of ALL religions,” we believe in our own termination!! The claim of “Christian Constitutionalism” is oxymoronic, i.e., spiritual schizophrenia. The Old Testament and New Testament plainly state that God’s people are to have NO OTHER GOD or GODS (god/gods).

“We the People” became the new god of the Untied States. In fact, “WE THE PEOPLE’S” MORALITY IS CAPRICIOUS AND EVER-CHANGING; whereas Yahweh’s immutable everlasting morality never changes.

In 1776, approximately 2.5 million people made America their home. More than 99 percent were white Christian Protestants (but I’m not preaching “pro-white-ism”), and the remaining percent were represented by about 20,000 Roman Catholics, 3,000 Jews, and some deists etc. Today, America is a hodgepodge of multiculturalism/religious pluralism—a pagan cultural marketplace.


Our Mandate

LEST WE FORGET, Jesus gave His disciples (and those who were to come afterwards) the “Great Commission,” aka, the “Great Command” (Matt. 28:19, 20). To be honest, America’s Declaration of Independence which this nation WORSHIPS, is a humanistic concept and a (Jewish) Talmudic Tenet: “No legislation would be imposed on the public unless the majority can conform to it” (see Avoda Zara 36a). But the Christian’s freedoms/power comes from Yahweh’s sovereignty and omnipotence. So, when it comes time for showdown, was Jesus, the Son of God, going to be America’s “God,” or was something/someone(s) else?

When the time came for ‘making the decision,” Christ was rejected, and “We the People” prevailed. In Biblical terms: “Caesar or God?,” the U.S. Constitution contains a great deal of Ancient Masonic language (see our findings on General/President George Washington: an Anglican Churchite and a Grand Master mason...see Dr. James Abercrombie’s 1831 statements that G. W. never took communion. G. W. systemically refused to take communion. So, was he a Bible-believing “Christian,” or merely “religious?”


Article 6, Clause 3

ONE NEEDS to look up the “Religious Test Oath”—Article VI (6) of the Constitution, which prohibits religious oaths as a requirement for holding federal office. But at one time, ALL office-seekers were required to take this oath. Why? In order to get a better understanding of the Religious Test Oath (before the 13 colonies became the U.S.A.), they had to profess faith in God the Father, and in Jesus Christ the Son, and in the Holy Ghost (or Spirit), and to acknowledge the Holy Scriptures as divine!

This Article 6, clause 3 was drummed up by a person/people in order to allow people of other religions into federal offices, not Bible-believing Christians only.

You see, a Christian oath would bar unbelievers and/or Deists/Unitarians etc. from serving as covenantal agents of the ultimate sovereign—the Holy God of the Holy Bible. By removing the Religious Test Oath, officers would not be under an oath of God, hence, “We The People,” would be their god, which could be: lied to, cheated, and bribed. INSTEAD OF GODLY “FREEDOM” IN CHRIST, THEY GOT “POLITICAL SLAVERY.”

Have you ever wondered why the name “Jesus” is missing from the U.S. Constitution? The word “Lord” appears in Article 7: “The Seventeenth Day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven.” The use of the word “Lord” was common when referring to dates.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I can’t express too much here how America is not, and never has been, a “Christian” nation. The U.S. Constitution unmistakably makes it a humanist covenant...the Preamble and the Religious Test Oath clause of Article 6, clause 3 proves me right on this. But, as U.S. citizens, and Christians, we must “contend for the faith” (Jude 1:3).

A national constitution is required by Yahweh/God to serve as the by-laws of the ultimate source of legitimate civil law—the BIBLE. Hence, a constitution’s Preamble is the appropriate place to DECLARE this publicly. But where do we see it? The Preamble should be a nation’s Declaration of Absolute Dependence on the Trinitarian God…it should declare this law as being immune to any subsequent alteration.



Coup detat

NO DOUBT that the Constitution was the product of a coup!!—rejecting Christ and injecting “We the People.” So, this coup was satisfied by the voters, and, as one historian notes, “and thereby given legitimacy retroactively.” Christians were DEFEATED by the humanists. But this does not matter, we’re to be a witness to any and all—even to our enemies.

It was the humanists’ conspiracy to deChristianize America. They are still working at it as I write.

Don’t believe for a minute that D. J. Trump will change things. He is rebelling as all the other presidents did. God wanted him to rid this nation of a lot of perversions and workers of witchcraft, as God has used “pagans,” in the past, to do jobs for Him. The Church, State, and Family unit is currently in ruins.

“OUR FIRST DUTY AS CHRISTIANS IS TO SAVE SOULS, NOT CULTURES,” one minister states. I agree. But along with souls being saved, we pray that CULTURES WILL CHANGE. They should.


Jews in Power

PAGES COULD BE WRITTEN on this subject. For the record, Lewis Charles Levin became the first Jewish member of Congress in 1845. Since that time, the Jews [in politics] have increased more and more, until they now RULE America.

“Article 6 not only eliminated Christian qualifications for office holders, it paved the way for Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and atheists to be presidents, congressmen/women, and judges. It became the initial means by which America was transformed from monotheistic Christian colonies to a polytheistic one” (quoted by a historian).

I believe prez Trump is being guided away from Christianity and into Judaism more and more. He has had Jews around him most of his career...don’t forget this. It is hard for him to use the name “Jesus” in his speeches.

As I have taken it upon myself to find out just WHO was responsible for the ban on the Religious Test Oath, I found out that on both the state and federal levels, Jews were at work.

Jonas Phillips protested (1783-84) against taking an oath affirming belief in the New Testament. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that, “This petition (by the Philadelphia Jews, led by Phillips) later proved to be instrumental in the revision of the Pennsylvania state constitution in such a manner as to abolish the religious test” (see “Salomon, Haym,” The Univ. Jewish Ency., Vol. 9, 324).

It is said that on September 7, 1787, Jonas Phillips, founder of Philadelphia’s Mikveh Israel Synagogue, petitioned the framers at the federal Constitutional Convention:

“Sires: …It is well known among all the citizens of the 13 United States that the Jews have been true and faithful Whigs, and during the late contest with England they have been foremost in aiding and assisting the states with their lifes [sic] and fortunes. They have supported the cause, have bravely fought and bled for liberty which they can not [sic] enjoy.

Therefore if the honourable convention shall in their wisdom think fit and alter the said oath [as found in the altered Pennsylvania Constitution] and LEAVE OUT THE WORDS to viz: “and I do acknowledge the Scripture of the New Testament to be given by divine inspiration,” then the Israelites [Jews] will think themselves happy to live under a government where all religious societys [sic] are on an equal footing…

Your most devoted obed. Servant,

Jonas Phillips

Philadelphia, 24th Ellul, 5547, or Sep’r 7th 1787.”

(Jonas Phillips, quoted in Jacob R. Marcus, ed., “The Jew in the American World,” 1996, pp. 99-100).

“It must be noted that today’s Jews are known as Jews not because of physical descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but because their Khazarian predecessors adopted the religion of Judaism (i.e., Talmudism) between the seventh and ninth centuries AD” (T. R. Weiland). One needs to look up the Khazarians. MUCH OF THOSE WHO CLAIM TO BE “JEWISH” ARE NOT REAL JEWS. DNA HAS PROVED THIS OUT.

So, the “Jew” has been a menace in America for years now. Jesus also dealt with Jews of His day…they had Him crucified. This nation MUST overcome the “fear of the Jews.”

It should be noted, under the heading, “Jewish Influence on the Framing of the Constitution,” that the noted “Jewish People’s Almanac” brags openly about Madison, Franklin, and Washington’s chummy relationships with Jews (see David C. Cross, TJPA, 1988, p. 3).

Also, it must be noted that Michael Alexander’s, “Jews,” 1754-1820s, Encyclopedia of American History wrote about article six and amendment one’s impact upon equal rights for American Jews. He states that the Untied States was the first non-Jewish country, ancient or modern, that included Jews as “political equals.” Well, the Jewish/Zionist mafia literally runs this nation.

The barring of Article 6 was an open defiance of the First Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” It was also an unequivocal contravention of what Paul wrote:

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers…” (2 Cor. 6:14-18).

This act of treason put the Christians in a precarious situation: the rebellious framers made it law that Christians (who were the majority!) had to be unequally yoked together.


Too Harsh?

SOME MAY THINK that I am too harsh concerning the Jews. I am harsh against certain anti-Christian Jews/Zionists, but not all Jews are of this sort. And I might add, too many liberal “Christians” are just as treasonous and sneaky.

All one has to do is read the Jewish Babylonian Talmud—the one the Jews use for the Jews (they have another Babylonian Talmud that is for the non-Jews which leaves out much of the hatred/curses towards the non-Jews).

The Jews, like Muslims, teach that there are Jews and gentiles…and Jews are the highest human beings. Their writings show the irreconcilable differences between the Jew and gentile (see Maurice Samuel’s, “You Gentiles,” 1924, pp. 95-96; for documentation about the Babylonian Talmud, “God’s covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever,” Also see: www.missiontoisrael.org/gods-covenant-people/ tableofcontents.php).


9/11 Deception

AMERICA SHOULD KNOW by now that 9/11 was carried out by the U.S. and Israel. There is plenty of evidence to prove this. Since this is true–with 3,000 people MURDERED!—it gives us a peek at the Jewish/Zionist/American agendas to carry this WAR policy on FOREVER. Trump fell right in line by bombing Syria (Israel’s plan is to destroy 7 nations in 5 years. This is known as well).

American Illuminati gangsters yoked with Israeli gangsters make an awesome “ops team.” Many coups have been carried out over the years that involve the Mossad and the CIA (write for our 5 part Counter-Intelligence DVDs).

You see, these globalists (and not all are Jewish/Zionists/anti-Christ dynasties), have worked for decades at destroying America as a sovereign nation. By establishing a permanent “wartime” economy, the U.S. has slowly-but-surely been bled to death by paying for it all...trillions in debt now and Trump wants to tangle with Syria, Russia, Iran, and N. Korea…all part of the PLAN!

But America’s war machine may not be up to the task demanded by the globalists. Russia alone has a better lethal war machine. It appears that Trump, at least as I write this (April 27th, 2017), is going to be another Manchurian Candidate.


Pedo Buddy

PEDOPHILE JEFFREY EPSTEIN, who is a Zionist plant, has an arrest record for molesting young girls (former prez B. Clinton hangs around with this pedo). D. Trump is also buddies with this sicko. Even Trump admits Epstein’s love for young girls. Could it be that D. Trump has been blackmailed by the Zionists for his “loving” young girls?...it has been suggested. Could this be why the whole pedophile investigation in D.C. came to a HALT?


The Swamp

WASHINGTON’S MORALLY VACANT swamp is FULL of FILTH to overflowing...the demons who run/rule America will make sure that swamp never gets drained.

Those who work stealthily within the said degenerate diabolical Cabal will stop at nothing to destroy ALL remaining elements of Biblical Christianity. The District of Corruption’s pedophilia-infested swamp will be dealt with by God sooner or later, with or without Trump’s help. In fact, the whole global pedophilia epidemic needs to be exposed.

Child/baby sex predators need to be put in prison forever. One should remember UK’s pedo Jimmy Savile who molested hundreds of children...his crimes got covered up by the police and media. The same thing is taking place right here in the U.S.—wicked and vile persons operate with total impunity, and Trump gets before Mainstream cameras and boo-hoos about a few children and “beautiful babies” gassed by Assad (a truly false flag operation in order to bomb Syria!). But what about ISIS (armed and supported by the U.S. and Israel) BLOWING 80 CHILDREN TO BITS by a car bomb a few days ago—lured to a car containing treats for children? WHY HAS TRUMP FAILED TO BOO-HOO BEFORE THE CAMERAS ABOUT THIS TRAGEDY? Well, if he did, he would be fingering America/Israel’s proxy army. As if Trump cares for those children. Give me a break!!


Enough Said…For Now

AMERICAN VOTERS expected more from Trump. I know that God told us that he chose Trump to be president. It was God who ousted Hellary from being the next president, but it appears that Trump has now taken the glory for her defeat.

As Christians, we are commanded to pray for those in power, and pray against those who abuse that power. We’re not to stand by and wring our hands in despair. Trump, at present, is an enemy of God and America. Too bad if you don’t want to hear this...I said it anyways. Pray that he repents.