Gen. James Green

M ANY PEOPLE don’t realize that the Jews started communism. Communism is Jewish! Jews own and control the Federal Reserve Bank, they control the money, interest rates, and rates of inflation. The Jews own almost all the media-movie industries and entertainments of all kinds; Hollywood is Jewish owned/controlled. They publish and distribute all porn and filth, they promote and push all GLBTQP vileness, THEY CREATE REVOLUTIONS, WARS AND UPRISINGS WORLDWIDE…THEN FUND BOTH SIDES. Jews basically rule those in political positions. They rule both political parties, set the policies, and DARE anyone to counter them. Trump found out who was wasn’t him!! This aging playboy from Manhattan found himself swimming in the same swamp sewer he promised to drain—alongside his “Jewish” daughter and “Jewish/Zionist” son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Trump made the comment that he knew what was going on in Syria, “…look at it, it’s a total catastrophe, a total mess, and we’re helping to make it a mess!” That is one piece of truth rolling out of his mouth. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. created ISIS to rid Syria of Assad…now Trump has joined in on the mayhem. Great! This tickles the butts of swamp/sewer-dwellers like neocon-Jews Kristol and Kagon. This pleases “Mad Dog” Mattis and Herbie McMaster—Trump’s TOP advisers, both guilty of war crimes that would make one blush. It made Senator Lindsey Graham (some believe him to be a homo, or even worse, a woman!) “…the happiest dude in America right now.” He goes on to celebrate Trump’s bombing of Syria, “We’ve got a president and a national security team that I have been dreaming of…” One has to bomb/murder in order to be a “good” president!

Jew SA

YEP! Trump continues the hype for the Pharisaic-Talmudic-Zionist-Kabbalah masters of deceit and death.


UNLESS AMERICA frees itself from this delusional belief that Jews are still God’s chosen people, and quits being brainwashed by “Christian Zionists” that don’t know their Scriptures (let alone end time prophecies), the prospects for LIBERATION from the servitude to Zionist/Talmudic/Kabbalah masters are hopeless (see my magazine, “Are Jews God’s Chosen People?”).

In spite of the glaring political / social / cultural / religious conditions which clearly show that secularists of all types have been on the offensive against Biblical Christianity (pushed mainly by the Zionists), Christians and Churchites alike are like the proverbial ostrich facing a danger—THEY PUT THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND (OR SWAMP!)—to forget the very real secularist / Zionist / socialist / progressive threat.

Schools and universities/colleges have been education camps indoctrinating America in “Political Correctness” (a Jewish tool!)–so one may obtain an atheistic outlook. These Zionists don’t really push their beliefs, for they know that only a “Jew” will be worthy of paradise; they merely wish to make the non-Jew as sick and sinful as possible. Yet, most Church folks believe that the “Jews” are still God’s chosen people—because the dumb-and-damned Churchites push this BIG LIE.

If one dares to speak the truth about the “Jew” issue—who they really are, and what their real agenda is, one will be labeled anti-Semitic. America has the FOJs Syndrome: “Fear Of the Jews:” a neurosis that keeps one from receiving good health or helping others to be healthy. The stupid, stupefied, and self-deceived Americans are helping the brainwashers to prevail over them. Actually, I could call it Jewish/Zionist terrorism.

HE WHO CONTROLS THE IDEATIONAL PARAMETERS OF A NATION WILL CONTROL THE NATION. Conversely, he who would obtain permanent control of a nation, must first control that nation’s ideals. So, my dear readers, when a nation is founded on a given structure of ideas/beliefs (like Biblical beliefs), and it is then BOMBARDED with alternative and conflicting ideas/beliefs, the national will and cohesion is correspondingly debilitated. It is this capacity for national debilitation through the dissemination of queer alien ideas that forms the basic cornerstone in the edifice of the Jewish/Zionist propaganda power.

The Jewish/Zionist conquest of a nation is precedent always in the realm of ideas and propagandas. National ideas are first DEFILED and DESTROYED, and then the Jewish/Zionist substitutes creep in to fill the vacuum. And this ideational distortion will eventually DESTROY the nation and it’s race. Jewish Zionists hate Biblical Christianity. To them, it MUST BE either DESTROYED literally, or confined to a Church building where humanism / Zionism / Communism / progressivism will be allowed outside—in your face—like it or not.


LET IT BE CLEAR, I use the words “Jews” and “Jewish Zionism,” (which are the enemies of America, and of the world), but the Jews, as a non-political, non-religious race, are not to be blamed for all these catastrophes I write about. The “Holy Land,” or “State of Israel,” is in the tight grip of JEWISH -ZIONIST-COLONIAL CONSPIRATORS. These Jew/Christian-haters and exploiters are of the same class of the Islamic jihadists...only they are more subtle; but the end is the same: world-domination! The “Jewish” international mafia has America in a death well as Israel.

In Spite

IN SPITE of this camouflage of danger to America, as a “democratic” country, some sense of reality seeped down to the U.S. voters and they elected Trump over NWO HELLary Clinton—a Zionist stooge. Sadly, Trump has now (at this stage) become a Zionist stooge. America’s morale is very low. In America’s innocence, the Jews/Zionists came into play…as usual. Some have totally given up on Trump; I still have a glimmer of hope that the duped (or maybe not duped!) man will cry out to God. God can use him for good, or bad—as the Bible gives ample proof of this. The WHOLE political administration is a pawn to Zionism. In a deep sense, however, many in power wish to be free to be a real democracy. They, as the citizens are, are tired of the continued exploitation of the “useful idiots,” aka, servicemen/women in Jewish/Zionist-created wars, the exploiting of the treasure, and the ordering/commanding of America’s diplomacy. SOME ARE EVEN SUGGESTING SECESSION. This spirit indeed is strong worldwide. It is said that currently (as I write, the last day of April, 2017), THERE ARE:

42 separatist movements in Africa;

68 in Asia;

107 in Europe;

16 in N. America;

18 in Oceania; and

9 in S. America.

Well, we here have, in one sense, done this 36 years ago. We became a Biblical Ekklesia: Jesus is our head, not some president. We are physically on the soil of America, but spiritually, emotionally, and culturally, we live under the Theocratic rule of God. We are not a 501c3 Church either. We are a book-of-Acts Ekklesia, and THEREFORE, are not infected with the “Fear of the Jews” Syndrome, PCism, or the Leaven of the Pharisees. WE DO NOT HAVE A JEWISH/ZIONIST SHADOW OVER US, BUT WE HAVE THE SON/SUN OF GOD OVERSHADOWING US. We are, Biblically speaking, TRUE Jews of God, NEW ISRAEL if you will (at least part of what makes up New Israel). We don’t have to wear yarmulkes or have a Star of David flag. We meet daily, 7 days a week, 365 a year. We say to Hell with Judaism/Zionism, and all the nuances that go with it.