What is God declaring that it is time to do battle against? Would you believe, statism? God is wanting us to be aware of what? The nation of U.S.A. has departed from God, it has forgotten God. It has mocked God, and has walked in all manner of evil, it has the blood of sixty million aborted babies on its hands, it has the blood of untold millions that we have murdered in foreign fields, in the name of freedom. It has the blood the children being raised by video games and likewise turning into murderers and turning into assassins. It has all kinds of evil done in the face of God, it has forgotten God, as the primary source, it has gone a whoring after the ways of the heathen and woe is the cup, because God says in His word, “Woe be unto the nations that forget about me (forget God)”.

So, what do we see? We see that it is time to face the reality for those of you who have been so snow-balled in the snow job, that “America is God’s country”, that we face the reality that the rulership and the government is the beast. If we continue as Christian believers to partake of that table of rottenness then we are going to put ourselves in the situation where we are equivalent to the liars, to idolaters, to the ones who were the false prophets who partook of Jezebel’s table. That is the name of today’s message, “Jezebel’s Table”.

Let us start with Daniel chapter one, this is to give us some background, or you might say some instruction as what is meant here by Jezebel’s Table and also by the king’s table. It said, beginning in verse five:

“And the king assigned for them a daily portion of his own rich and dainty food, and of the wine which he drank. They were to be so educated and so nourished for three years that at the end of that time they might stand before the king. Among these were the children of Judah: Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. The chief of the eunuchs gave them names, Daniel he called Belteshazzar (the king’s attendant), Hananiah he called Shadrach, Mishael he called Meshach, and Azariah he called Abnego. But Daniel determined in his heart that he would not defile himself, by eating his portion of the king’s rich and dainty food or by drinking the wine which he did drink. Therefore he requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might be allowed not to defile himself.”

So you know what goes on there, they put themselves basically with the eunuch’s permission on vegetables and water and they came out shining, they came out with the glory of God upon them, because why? They chose not to defile themselves with the king’s table. What was the king’s table compromised of? Rich and dainty food, and wine, so all of what the king was offering to them or commanding be given unto them as intoxicating. It was intoxicating. They were to be presented at the end of three years of a diet of the king’s junk food. That was basically what it boiled down to, the rich, the dainty, the alcoholic, too many meats, too many sweets, too many of the things that would cause them to be intoxicated, the king’s junk food.

Basically the devil wanted to use this king’s table as a means to get these men separated in their hearts from God. The devil always will use the lust of the flesh. Will always entice you with riches, he will entice you with luxury, he will entice you with over abundance, he will entice you with marvelous, wonderful food, that is way too rich for your body to even metabolize so that it can get into an intoxicated state. ‘

If you have ever studied anything about fasting and what the body can deal with, and what it cannot deal with, you find out that many people who are not fasting suffer from auto-intoxication. Which means they are intoxicated by what they have taken in other than liquor, other than wine. It is by food that is too rich, too non-fibrous to go through the digestion process, without any fiber, like meat, which just sets in the intestines, rots and turns into bowel cancer. Anyway they suffer from their bodies being drunk on what they have taken in. So here when the king said, “give them the best of every thing” is literally the devil’s covering. Since these fellows wanted to stay true to God, and Daniel put forth the petition that they could be kept from the king’s table and the defilement that was there. One reason that it was defiling other than the richness and indulgence of it, was that it was offered to idols. Several years ago we had a fellow who claimed he wanted to join with us, he wanted the plain simple food that we ate, he wanted the gospel the way we preached it, he wanted the truth or so he said.

After we consented to give him a chance, we found out that the fellow had a trailer full of guns, (we had made it clear to him that we do not advocate storing weapons, we don’t advocate shooting it out with the government, we don’t advocate physical violence in such a way whereby other lives are taken) he agreed. Then after he moved his trailer to our property we found out he had it stocked with guns which he refused to get rid of. The other factor was his desire for the plain and simple food was soon abandoned and he would always make quick trips over to El Paso, Texas and always come back bragging that he went to the “King’s Table” which was a restaurant chain. He would come back burping, farting, and wiping his mouth and bragging about all he had to eat and what they had on special for the day. Whenever he would be in a situation where he couldn’t get to the King’s Table he would take the food that we were serving and put it in his plate then scrape it into the garbage. Basically he was a liar and what he proved was that he wanted the food from the King’s Table, naturally and spiritually more than he wanted God’s divine will, God’s divine purpose, and what God provided.

You know we have to be careful in our own lives that we don’t let that same beast rise up in us. That nothing that God provides for us, is good enough. Whereby we are always lusting and longing, and looking for the things of the world, craning the neck thinking somehow there is something better than what God gives. Daniel knew that if he yielded to the king’s command that would cover him in defilement. He would be defiled by what the king was offering to him. That is the number one trick of the devil is to offer you something that is too much for you. Too much for you it will make you defiled. When something has been dedicated to demons, it can easily defile you, especially if you partake of that unknowing that it has been dedicated to demons.

Turn to 1Kings, chapter eighteen, verse fifteen.

“Elijah said as the Lord of hosts lives, for whom I stand, I will surely show myself to Ahab today. So Obadiah went to meet Ahab and told him, Ahab went to meet Elijah and Ahab said to him, are you he who troubles Israel?”

Why would Ahab be asking Elijah, are you the one who troubles Israel? Because Elijah was the true prophet of the Living God. So Ahab was asking if he were the one who trouble Israel basically what he was saying is, THE TRUTH TROUBLES US, WE DON’T LIKE IT, WE ARE LIVING IN OUR DELUSION, WE ARE LIVING IN OUR CONFUSION, WE ARE LIVING IN OUR FANTASY AND WE ARE LIVING IN OUR IDOLATRY AND OUR SPIRITUAL ADULTERY, AND THE TRUTH TROUBLES US.

 There are a lot of people you give them the Word of the Lord, you give them the truth, and they are very troubled by it. Why? Because they have been on a cotton candy diet, because they have been living in oblivion, they have been living in fantasy, they have been living in delusion, and the truth troubles them. When you tell them that God is bringing forth His wrath, His fury, His indignation why they get disturbed to the point that if they could they would have you thrown in jail, for the declaration of such things when the god they want to serve is some smiley wiley, fake fictitious god that men have invented. There are plenty of false prophets who are eating at Jezebel’s table to tell them all about the false gods. Elijah was troublesome because he was a declarer of the truth. If you are declaring the truth let me tell you, you will trouble many people. Not because you intentionally set out to do but because the truth will trouble them.

“Elijah replied, I have not troubled Israel but you have and your father’s house by forsaking the commands of the Lord and by following the Baals. Therefore send and gather to me all Israel at Mt. Carmel and the four hundred fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of the goddess Asherah who eat at Queen Jezebel’s table.”

Who are the Baals and the Asherah? Judges two verse thirteen, “They forsook the Lord and served the Baals and Ashtaroth.”

Here are some notes that say, “The most shocking endorsement of Israel’s buying into Canaanite religion was the construction of a temple for the worship of Baal at Samaria, this was promoted by Ahab and Jezebel his wife. It says, this temple was constructed with the help of artisans along with an altar on which they offered sacrifices and a sacred pole which was a phallic symbol. Because of this apostasy judgment was poured out on Ahab, and Jezebel.”

Then it talks about different sins that Israel committed in doing this, and then it said that Baal in the singular appears one hundred and thirty seven times in the Amplified Bible. Ashtaroth appears thirteen times. It says about Jezebel that she was the wife of Ahab who was king of Israel. According to the Old Testament, she was a cruel, immoral queen who fostered the worship of Baal and tried to kill Elijah and other prophets of Israel in the ninth century before Christ.

Who are Baal and Ashtaroth? They left the scripture and all the commandments of the Lord their God and made them molten images, even two calves and made a grove and worshiped all the host of heaven and served Baal. They caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire and used divination and enchantments and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord to provoke Him to anger. Now, Baal is an idol among the ancient Chaldeans, and Syrians representing the sun. The word signifies lord or commander and the character of the idol was varied by different nations at different times, thus Baal is supposed to signify the lord of the covenant Baal Peor or Baal Egor, the lord of the dead and Baal Eboob, the god of life. Then Ashtaroth is riches, prosperity, and it says that the word Baal was common Hebrew word meaning master, husband or owner.

So if you gave yourself to Baal worship, according to the Hebrew language you were taking that on as your husband, or your owner. Then it says, the Ashtaroth was the plural form of Ashtorath and they were among the Canaanite and Phoenician goddesses that proved to be such a temptation to the Israelites. The Ashtorath was a female goddess and the Baal was the male god in these demon gods. What we find out is one of the meanings for the word Baal was babbler, dreamer, and married to that demon god. Basically if you look at today’s Babylonian Christianity, you find a lot of babblers, who are leading people into the worship of these ancient deities, who are leading people away from God, who are leading people to succumb and partake of Jezebel’s table. Jezebel’s table in the natural and in the spiritual. All of these are false prophets who are practicing witches, they are proclaiming sex worship, in the sense of permissiveness towards homosexuality, towards abortion, tolerance towards anything that pertains to sex because it is a part of that ancient deity.

So they give God’s people altars for sinning, they build altars for sinning every day. They feed God’s people falsehood and lies, why? It says here, through Elijah, paraphrased, “Call up your great prophets! There were four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and four hundred prophets of the goddess Asherah who ate at Queen Jezebel’s table.” I did not check all of the translations but it says here in the Amplified, “Queen Jezebel’s table”. So if you go through the Bible and you look at references to the table of kings, it is always to the king. Now remember David allowed the son or the grandson or some relative of Saul to eat at his table. He did that to show his forgiveness but it was not referred to as the table of Abigail or the table of Bathsheba, it was David’s table. So if you go to look up any other references that refer to kings it was always referenced as the kings table (Daniel first chapter) that was being offered to those Hebrew children.

So why it is that the Bible signifies, that it was Queen Jezebel’s table? Because of the feminization that had transpired, or shall I say the homosex-ualization. You think it is a new sin, you think it is a new set of devils? You think it is a new thing that is going on? It is as ancient as antiquity and this whole signification of Jezebel’s table it means that these bums got their pay, basically their provision, their approval from Jezebel. Jezebel is basically what most attribute to be the root cause of Ahab’s departure. In other words she got him into the foolery that caused him to be such a wicked king. She led him away from the God that they were meant to worship in Israel unto these other gods and goddesses. They even built temples to these things, and used the finances of Israel to do it. Does that sound like what we have going on right now, in the United States of America? Where the finances are being used whole heartedly with never ever an end to the supply to the murder of babies in the form of abortion, unlimited abortion.

Aside from the particulars of times, what we see is the same demons manifesting themselves. Then you have the worship or the building up of that phallic symbol in the homosexualization and the promotion of the homosexual agenda using the funds brought in from the tax payers, the working people who contribute to the funding of this great decadent society. So what you have is the same set of demons working together. Then you have all of the prophets of Baal and Ashtorath working together with Jezebel, with that demonic power that is leading the whole nation into damnation, and destruction, working in conjunction with that by all of these Christian big boys and big girls declaring what? Declaring “God wants you to prosper, God wants you to have the best life now, God wants you to live in the flesh, to partake of the lust of the world, God wants you to have every thing you have ever wanted, God wants you to accept diversity.” Which means nothing but queer. So there false prophets are going around, with their shining faces and their false declarations eating from Jezebel’s table.

They are getting the cut, the allowance, the government permission to make dirty money in the name of God as long as you take their number and their name and as long as you continue to eat of Jezebel’s table. If you dare to declare the truth, then your portion of Jezebel’s table will be quickly withdrawn and your government right off will be taken from you. You will be stripped, and you will be bare, and you will have nothing of the luxury, of the sumptuous lifestyle, of the overabundance, of the best life now that you are accustomed to.

You think you cannot live that way, that you need to keep eating of Jezebel’s table. So these modern preachers, big boys, little boys, they are all full of falsehood in order to keep eating at Jezebel’s table. It did not say, “King Ahab’s table”. Why? Because it shows the feminization of the nation that had transpired under this rule of wickedness. All of these cunning prophets who were not true prophets they were all false prophets had weasled in at that time and Jezebel was supporting them. She was the one responsible for keeping them alive. They served her and King Ahab by prophesying lies, by dreaming dreams, by seeing false visions and keeping every body in Israel happy on delusion.

What is happening in this nation now? The nation is in economic collapse, Red China is knocking at the door saying, “we are coming in to get the land, that is ours because you owe us so much money.” The nation’s youth have literally gone to hell, giving themselves to being raised by video games while mom and dad both work to bring in more money to be prosperous and to be middle class slaves in order to have an elevated lifestyle and leave the kids to be raised by the MTV, by the video games and by the computers via the internet and they have to leave the children to be devoured so the parents can make money because Preacher Baal and Preachtress Astaroth said, “be prosperous”. So, all of this delusion has led to the slaughter of more children who are in turn becoming slaughterers.

Abortion continues to cause pools and rivers of blood to flow before God as men and women cause their own babies to be murdered. That is another offering to the god of sex, you do it then you pay for it with the baby’s life offered on the table (altar) of death. You kill your baby so that you can do it, and do it, till your gonads rot off and your wombs fall out. The point is that the decadence that is evidenced in these times and the violation of God is the same, and when Elijah came and Ahab said, “Are you the guy that troubles Israel, and Elijah said to him, you are the one troubling Israel.”

There is a call going on here and it is a wonderful chapter to read as it gives us the display of God’s power versus the non-existent power of the false prophets who could not even bring down their gods to put some fire on the sacrifice. Then Elijah dumped water on the sacrifice and God sent fire from heaven to ignite that thing and none of them could even get a little flame to come up even though they cut themselves, they screamed, they ranted, they probably preached about prosperity all day long in the blazing sun. May be they even rolled in the mud, but none of it did any good, because they could not call down any power in the place of the true power of the Living God. So for all of their partaking of Jezebel’s table, when it came down to they were powerless. Take away the money, take away Jezebel’s provision, take away the covering and you will find these big boys and big gals who strut their stuff have no power from God because they are false prophets, false teachers and liars.