Word of God:

Divine and Human

Gen. James Green

W HEN IT COMES to the Holy Bible debate, there is NO END to the disputation. There are Bible scholars and Bible experts on both sides of this WAR. There are far-left liberals, far-right conservatives, and middle of the road moderates…all claiming that their views are the “correct” ones.

Take for instance the ELCA vs. the LCMS (both Lutheran). The first, ELCA is liberal; LCMS is not, hence, the two different views on homosexuality (or GLBTQism).

Both sides recognize the fact that over the years new Bible versions have come forth. The Nestle-Alond text for example, formed a significant shift in how the editors viewed the text. The preface to the 26th Ed. (1979) proclaimed that it was, in that printing, the “original text” of the New Testament. No longer are the editors proposing to produce the “Original Text” of the New Testament, rather, the goal now is to produce what is labeled the “Ausgangstext” (in English it is the “Initial Text”).

This “text” is not how the New Testament authors wrote, but a reconstructed text. This, over the years, will turn from what the original meaning meant to convey, to Political Correctness, hence, supporting the GLBTQ agenda. Much could be said about all this, but I’ll leave it to the “experts!”

Plastic Text?

YES, this is exactly what the liberals had in mind all along—the stretching of meaning/meanings. This attack on God’s Holy Word has well been under way now for years. And look at ALL the perversions within the Church. What we have NOW is πλαστικός: (what critics call) moldable, shapeable, and changeable Scriptures to fit these “pink” fantasies/fancies.

This in turn muddies the waters; is Scripture now Spirit-inspired or demon-inspired? Guess.

This, as Conservative Lutheran scholars/ historians (etc.) see it, has implications for the way that Lutheran theology describes the nature of any given text. Classical Lutheran dogmaticians made a sharp distinction between the autographa and apographa—the autos were inspired, and eventually inerrant. The copies, apogs, were inspired and inerrant only in so far as they agreed with the autos.

With all this change, new Bible dictionaries/lexicons, and commentaries had/have to be printed. This in turn conflicts with true apologetic issues, hence, affecting the motto “verbum manet in aeternum.” This in turn affects what must be a continuously improving text.

One Concordia Seminary (St. Louis, MO) professor wrote: “Post-critical hermeneutics has reflected upon the ‘death of the author’ and the post-structuralism has reflected on the ‘death of the reader.’”    


CAN LUTHERANS incorporate a plastic text into their theology of the Word, and hence into their hermeneutics?

This question brings us face-to-face with, say, Romans 1, and 1 Corinthians 6: human sexuality.

False Alternative


“The consequences of accepting only a ‘human’ side of Scripture,” says one LCMS professor: “is evident in the way that the ELCA has dealt with matters such as homosexuality and the Church.” This professor writes about the document, “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust,” adopted by the Aug., 2004 Church-wide Assembly, which ignores the two clear New Testament references in Romans 1 and 1 Cor. 6, as well as any reference to the behavior in the Old Testament. He says that this is the case because a prior Church study had determined that those passages were exclusively “human,” spoken into specific settings and contexts with no relevance for today. The “Background Essays on Biblical Texts” from a 2003 Task Force of the ELCA concluded:

“The remaining passages speak clearly of same-gender sexual relationships as inherently prohibited…The relationships are themselves ‘against nature’ and contrary to the will of God expressed in creation from the beginning. Other interpreters—on reading the texts with care also—conclude however, that the same passages pose challenges. Those in Leviticus seem to be the clearest at the purely descriptive level, but as the discussion above has shown, SOME INTERPRETERS QUESTION THEIR RELEVANCE BEYOND THEIR TIME AND PLACE.”

“Notice the two moves: First, all Biblical interpretation is contingent on human readers, and therefore we cannot derive any authoritative meaning from texts; second, they have no relevance ‘beyond their time and place.’ There is nothing ‘divine,’ the texts are entirely humanly contingent, therefore they have no authority and no role in the Church’s discussion of the homosexuality issue. So how do we avoid ‘Purpose-Driven Life’ Style exegesis, but at the same time avoid passing off everything in the Scriptures as unclean, opaque, unusable, and irrelevant?”

The Truth Is…

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as the “Plastic Text.” The Bible cannot be stretched in any direction to fit man’s whims. The Bible’s autographs, although none exist (only apographa, i.e., copies) were inspired by God, and thus inerrant. What man has done to the copies may be considered. I don’t think man set out to “modernize” the originals off the originals. Of course they are guilty of this today.

Actually, the New Testament is a collection of original epistles/gospels written by specific men to specific men or Ekklesias that dealt with specific situations. It was man that began to treat the New Testament simply as a collection of propositional statements, from which one might draw theological conclusions, liberal, moderate, and/or conservative.

Inspired or Not Inspired?

ONE 17TH CENTURY Theologian (Quenstedt) argued: “Although inspiration and divine authority inhered originally in the autographa, these attributes belong to the apographa (copies) by virtue of their derivation, since they were faithfully transcribed from them so that not only the sense but also the words were precisely the same.” That is to say, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit guaranteed the authority of the original, and THE COPIES ARE VERY CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL. Of course the liberals take issue with that view telling us that in Quenstedt’s day, that there was very little information about New Testament manuscript tradition. There were no Greek New Testaments that had a critical apparatus. There were no competing editions, all Greek New Testaments were essentially reprints of the KJV (Textus Receptus).

Well, here we are in the 21st Century and the liberal Dogmatics find plenty WRONG with authority/inspiration: they HATE them! Frankly, New Testament manuscripts are available to read—thousands of them—compare them with modern Bibles, few real big changes have been made. It is the small changing of archaic words into modern language that we’re dealing with.

My Point!

I HAVE WRITTEN about (lesbian) Suzanne Pharr’s book, “Homophobia” (1997). Pharr, on page 2 and 3 makes mention of (lesbian) Dr. Virginia R. Mollenkott’s essay in “Christianity and Crisis” :

“Much of the discrimination against homosexual persons is justified by a common misreading of the Bible. Many English translations of the Bible contain the word homosexual in extremely negative contexts. But the fact is that the word homosexual does not occur anywhere in the Bible. No extant text, no manuscript, neither Hebrew nor Greek, Syriac, nor Aramaic, contains the word. The terms homosexual and heterosexual were not developed in any language until the 1890's, when for the first time the awareness developed that there are people with a lifelong, constitutional orientation toward their own sex. Therefore the use of the word homosexuality by certain English Bible translators is an example of the extreme bias that endangers the human and civil rights of homosexual persons” (pp. 383-4, Nov. 9, 1987).

Both these lesbians try to convince us that the Bible does not even use the word “homosexual,” so how could God condemn them? This is what is called SKREWED! THE BIBLE CONDEMNS ALL GLBTQ ABOMINATIONS…ALONG WITH HETEROSEXUAL SEX-SINS. This is a case-in-point where hatred for Divine authority/inspiration is evident.

All New Testament condemnations against sex-sins: Romans 1, 1 Cor. 6:9, 1 Tim. 1:10, and Rev. 22:15 etc. are derived from the Old Testament (esp. Lev. 18).


THIS TERM REFERS to the language of debate. Whoever controls nomenclature controls the institution or circumstance where definition is paramount. In the debate over same-sex union/marriage, transgenderism or what have you, nomenclature dictates the strictures of thought and action. This is what we (today) call “Political Correctness.”

The WHOLE GLBTQ filth is a mega-back sex promotion. This is all to demonize the Christian and trash Christianity…with the help of the U.S. government itself. Sadly, too many Churches aid and abet this sex terrorism! When one stands up for God’s Word on this subject, you are quickly stigmatized/demonized. The arrogance of the pro-GLBTQ agenda knows no limit…they are under the Jezebel covering that HATES and MURDERS the Truth (see our more recent teachings/Words of the Spirit broadcasts on the Jezebel Spirit).

America’s Epidemic!

THE GLBTQ AGENDA is America’s gravest epidemic in history—“Pink terrorists” are responsible!!

We can’t forever blame genetics, hormones, or the effects of the disruptive early childhood. The Bible calls such sins ABOMINATIONS. Radical suppression of Biblical Truth has caused the spread of this vile epidemic (see our “Gay Way” series).

Blackstone’s Commentaries (first great book on the English legal system) referred to sodomy (Gen. 10:19; 13:13; see cpt. 19; Jude mentions Sodom and Gomorrah (v. 7); Sodomites are mentioned in Deut. 23:17; 1 Kgs. 14:24; 15:12; 2 Kgs. 23:7) as “the infamous crime against nature, committed either with a man or beast…the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature.” This SIN and ABOMINATION is still that! No amount of stretching the truth into a lie will ever eradicate how God feels about these sins. All the “PCism” in the entire world will not undo what God has written (see Lev. 18:22 and 20:13).

Psychological Illness?

IN ONE SENSE, yes. But I believe the cause is demonic--demons. When Jesus cast out afflictions, some were caused by demons. Take Jesus’ encounter with the woman bound for 18 years: “And there was a woman there (synagogue) who for 18 years had had an infirmity caused by a spirit (a demon of sickness)…” (Luke 13:11). Demons can give souls psychological/emotional/physical sicknesses. This is why Jesus has given us power over demons--to cast them out. But who is doing this these days? Oh, no, we just allow demons to infect this whole nation, and the “Queer Nation” is ruled by demons! Period! I have seen homos/lesbians set free after demons were DRIVEN OUT!

Dark Shadows

THERE IS AN ever increasing darkness covering this land. AS THE CHURCH PLAYS THE WHORE, THIS SHADOW ENGULFS ALL. NOW LOOK AT THIS LAND—GLBTQ DEFILED. Explicit, graphic, and pornographic sex education is encouraged: Bible reading/prayer/witnessing is forbidden. To avoid “bigotry,” Churchites hid their faith. To avoid being called “homophobic,” Churchites compromised with demons. Tolerance from our side is demanded/commanded, while their side spreads their vileness from shore-to-shore…making their ABOMINATION on a level of a moral imperative.

Gay Rights Agenda

BACK IN 1991, Holden Village, one of the most widely-publicized Lutheran retreat centers in this (fallen) nation, had a “gay rights agenda” that embraced these unrepentant sex-perverts.

In 1985 it was said of Holden Village that: “ it is a delightful place,” but “unfortunately liberal Lutherans appear to be in control…” Lutheran Forum reports that Rev. Dan Geslin (pastor of a United Church of Christ) gave the HOMO CONGREGATION FULL MEMBERSHIP in the United Church of Christ (1990). Anti-Scriptural garbage such as Homosexuality in the Church, Gays and Lesbians in the Church, Feminist Theology, Liberation Theology, Patriarchal Theology, are all lectures written on pink and purple paper. “Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day” was a pink-stink event.

This ol fox, Geslin, besides being a United Church of Christ pastor, was a graduate of St. Olaf College, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Pacific School of Religion. His main objective was to LIBERATE Churches from ‘homophobia’. NO! What this reptilian flummoxed pastor did was teach rebellion in the guise of enlightenment. His idiosyncrasy is now common.

Many that attended his sessions were “pink” mad! Many felt, back then, that idiots like Geslin were abominations, taught false doctrines and were EVIL! Thank God for a few discerning souls.

Rethinking Sin?

YES! THIS IS ALL PART OF THE GLBTQ RELIGIOUS AGENDA. We all know where this will end up at: in the bedroom! These SICKOS hate God’s moral laws. They promote GLBTQ sins along with heterosexual sex-sins. They tell us “straights” that sex outside of marriage is permissible: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Doing the dirty stuff fosters social cohesion, emotional security, and helps to institutionalize gay marriage.

Well, I don’t have to go on with all this “pink-stink” stuff. You know what’s being said and done. All I can say is that there are a few of us that refuse to eat at Jezebel’s table or partake of her defiled bed. All this defilement is nothing new—only new to America’s public. OUT!

One thing I KNOW: CHRIST AND HIS TRUE DISCIPLES DO NOT, AND WILL NOT, CONFORM TO THE WAYS OF SINNERS. Christ died in order to set men/women FREE from sin. The Bible condemns GLBTQ/heterosexual sins. It never covers them. I challenge any and all to debate me on this dirty subject.

Born That Way?

GIVE ME A BREAK! no one is born gay (I mean, God creating them “gay”). Neither is anyone born a thief, murderer, rapist, or what have you. Nowhere in Scripture do we find, or does it even suggest, that if a is person born with homosexual inclination, it would negate this prohibition. Scientists have been looking for that “gay gene” for years. I know the “gay gene” has been grist for the media mill for years. What man is born with, is a sinful nature—all have one. But this is not because of creation, but because of the fall. Being “born-again” (Jn. chapter 3) changes things. IF YOU THINK YOU WERE “BORN THAT WAY,” BE BORN-AGAIN. Repent of your sins, turn from your sins, and invite the Spirit into your heart (spirit) as Eph. cpt. 2 states (Eph. 2:1-10).

Welcome Christ or Welcome the Media

IN THIS DIRTY WAR, we have a choice: Christ or Satan (who rules/runs the media). Welcome to the politically charged world of the mass media, or welcome to the Biblically Correct Ekklesia of God.

While the Bible praises sexuality and commends sexual enjoyment, it also gives specific guidelines for sexual expression. GLBTQ activity is strictly condemned in Scripture. Look at the horrid diseases and sicknesses that go hand-in-hand with sexing the dirty way. There is NO WAY to normalize/deitize such abominations. Using nomenclature in this debate will never, ever do away with God’s eternal binding prohibitions. His standards are absolute and not subject to our “latest discoveries.”

The Biblical view of sexuality is being increasingly denigrated and dismissed as old-fashioned, archaic, irrelevant, and at times, dangerous.

This civil war—between the liberals and conservatives—will not stop because the liberal sickos want us to stop. NO way! WE GO ON FIGHTING. I remain unintimidated and unsparing in my love for truth and for the lost; I will continue to voice what the Bible has to say on this issue. AND SAY IT I MUST!!!