Subject: Drugs

Gen. James Green

The following is a letter we received from ljagcool, Nov. 8, 2016 (mistakes in the original):


Hi there!

I Just read your article on how marijuana is straight from satan, and I must say it struck me as blasphemous.

I am a devout Christian and a bible scholar, I have a college degree in Religious Literature, I have worked as a councilor for many years, and I have seen the work of God save many drug addicts and substance abusers. I agree with some of your points, such as the “devil” or the negative forces that be have a profound ability to twist the truth into a lie.

However, some of the other points you make are actually insulting to God and are making drug problems worse.

Here is why:

1)  Marijuana is just as beautiful as all of the Lord God’s other creations. By calling it the work of satan you are insulting it, and it’s creator. God is only good and cannot make bad, and he has created everything around us. We humans are the ones who cause evil. Only us. Not the devil. To say that the devil even has the power to make one of God’s beautiful creations evil is saying that the devil can steal God’s own handy work. That is actually complete and utter blasphemy. Do you think God is weak?

2)  In my work as a councilor, I have seen many drug addicted and violent men with mental problems be completely calmed and actually sobered in a way by marijuana. I have seen there (sic) entire lives changed because of the calming effect of the drug, and I have seen many of them be completely rehabilitated and adapt to society enough to be successful. I never recommended the use of marijuana to any normal person just for fun, but I do believe that like all God’s creation’s miracles can be performed through Marijuana.

3)  The devil has no power except that which YOU give him. Christ lives in you, and therefore you can command satan out of your way through the power of Christ. Read the bible, all of this is in there. By saying the devil uses Marijuana to steal you from God is literally giving satan the power to do so.

4)  Your paragraph about pharmaceuticals bothered me personally a bit. Are you saying anti-depressents (sic) are the work of the devil? They prevent suicide. Is suicide good and the medications are evil? or the other way around? Please explain. Also, you cannot cure Schizophrenia through the power of prayer or some sort of exorcism. Believe me, I have tried. You have to use medication. While I have seen God’s hand heal schizophrenics in other ways, I have never seen total healing happen directly and suddenly. I do believe it is possible, but in modern times the only cure we have for some of the most mental illnesses is pharmaceuticals, or “witchcraft” as you put it.

Be careful what you preach, it can be harmful. The bible also states that there is a special wrath awaiting those who twist the lords words for their own purposes.

Bless you and have a wonderful day,



My Response

I N RESPONSE to your e-mail to us, please allow me to introduce to you more information than what you read about in our marijuana tract (posted).

You claim to be a Bible “expert.” Good! Then what I present should not offend you (hopefully!).

When one gets into the “drug” world, be it plant or man-made chemicals, one is actually entering into the occult in one way or the other.

Take marijuana—since this seems to be your point of contention with us—this plant has become an IDOL. It was an idol in my day (was a hippie that used/idolized it, but found freedom through Christ Jesus in 1971). Nothing has changed: IT IS STILL AN IDOL TO TOO MANY THESE DAYS. Call it a “cure” or whatever, it stems back to alteration of the mind. More on this later.

Jesus: Great Physician

SINCE YOU BROUGHT “God” into the picture, let me make a comment about His Son, Jesus. Being the Bible “expert” you claim you are, could you please give me ONE Scripture where Jesus ever counseled sickness or disease out of a person. Better yet, give me ONE verse where Jesus prescribed drugs—be they relievers, tranquilizers, or any kind of pain relievers to those whom He had contact with. What did Jesus do? He HEALED the sick, diseased, crippled and demon-possessed by CASTING OUT DEVILS. The New Testament is replete with such activity. No counseling, no drugs (sorceries), no magic (forbidden in Deut. 18:10-12).

Did Jesus ever teach the use of drugs or exalt doctors or counselors of His day? Did He ever tell any of His disciples to do the same? What did He teach? What did He command?

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In My name shall they CAST OUT DEVILS;” (Mk. 16:17).

This is not all: “…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (v. 18). Do you believe Mr. Cool? Not one mention of a drug or magic, only SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I have many articles written over the years along these lines, but let me present a little more on “medicine,” taken from the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament:

The word “medicine” is used twice in the Old Testament (Proverbs 17:22; Jeremiah 30:13). “Medicine” also occurs two times (Ezekiel 47:12; Jeremiah 46:11). The root words are Gehah (a cure); Gahah (to remove or heal); Teruwthah (a remedy); Rephuah (heal). In each case the words mean to effect a complete cure or restoration to the one treated—to heal or restore completely.

The word “physician” is used five times in the Bible. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew root word is Rapha or Raphan meaning to stitch, restore, make whole, heal thoroughly. THE GREEK ROOT WORD IN THE NEW TESTAMENT MEANS TO CURE OR MAKE WHOLE.

The following is from a Christian Dr. of D.V.M.

Satan, as the god of this world, has introduced into the realm of medicine a group of chemicals and drugs spelled relief, relievers, tranquilizers, uppers, downers, etc. These are both prescribed and are on the shelf with the assumption they are safe to use or they would not be available. Such drugs and chemicals in the Bible are associated with sorcery (Greek: Pharmakeus) medication:

Pharmacy: means magic, witchcraft, a drug, spell giving potion, a druggist:

Pharmacist; magician, sorcerer, poisoner.

In other words, the uses of chemicals by sorcerers in the Bible was to make it easy for the user to be invaded by evil spirits. Scriptures on sorcery: Acts 8:9; Revelation 9:21; 21:8; 22:15; 18:23.

Behind the Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES, Satan’s demons manipulate and interfere to bring about aches, pains, agony, diseases, etc., which afflict the minds, wills and emotions of their victims. “Reliever” drugs only mask the symptoms but do not cure them.

Many of the modern pain relievers are so powerful they are capable of veiling the mind or setting up BARRIERS between the Holy Spirit and the person’s will or desire to seek the Father. This produces tension, worry and anxiety, necessitating an even stronger mind separator, i.e., tranquilizers. These can separate a person’s mind from reality and (when prescribed by a reputable doctor, psychologist, or specialist) can further alienate the uninformed believer from God (Isaiah 5:13, 14).

In the light of these facts the question arises: “What chemicals or drugs can a Christian take without affecting his spiritual sensitivity and desire to serve the Lord?”

Scripture declares that REAL MEDICINES HEAL OR CURE. Our problem arose when Satan caused worldly scientists, researchers and the medical profession to endorse “reliever drugs” which have no curative value but only serve to deepen the plight of the victim. So often a “righteous” church member may condemn alcohol as a “reliever,” yet in her purse she carries Valium or Librium as a reliever for herself.

Viewed this way, many strong pain killers, tranquilizers and mind altering drugs constitute instant witchcraft, regardless of who prescribes or advises taking them. In a sense, a believer taking some of these drugs while crying out to God for healing, would be like a man begging the fireman to extinguish a fire while he continues to pour gasoline on it.

Bad Medicine

IS ALL medicine bad? No, curative and healing arts which do not alter the mind or attitude toward God are what the Scripture calls medicine. But MIND ALTERING DRUGS ARE DEFINITELY IN THE CAUTION AREA FOR BELIEVERS.

Believers have an obligation to ask their physician or other knowledgeable person just what the function and action is for any so-called medication which is prescribed. They then have a choice and can pray to determine whether or not they should use the substance. The Bible definition of “physician” is one who restores (by stitching) or makes whole.

A mind-boggling drug produces two complications for a believer. First it may well constitute sorcery or witchcraft—seeking help from man, the flesh and the demonic. In that instance, he would come under a curse from God because of involvement with the occult. It could also paralyze built-in defenses against the demonic, opening the way for entrance of evil spirits just as in hypnosis, transcendental meditation or yoga.

Trap of Satan

WHEN CONSIDERING the drug world, it becomes obvious that we have been snared in a clever trap of Satan. Many mental institutions routinely give most inmates tranquilizers daily. Even in some schools, hyperactive children are given a pill a day to make them more controllable. Rather than following Scriptural admonitions to do the work of Christ by delivering the bound person from spirits of Nervousness, Confusion, Mind Control, etc., chemical controllers are administered. Only obeying the full Gospel will bring curative, rather than covering action.

Because Satan is the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4) his philosophy and definitions are almost universally accepted, even by the Christian community. TRULY HIS “TONGUE” WALKS THROUGH THE EARTH (Psalm 73:9). His control of the mental institutions, hospitals and their policies and procedures is often covert and cleverly hidden. This is due to the widespread ignorance of God’s people of warnings and instructions of the Word of God (Hosea 4:6). When inmates are treated with daily dosages of mind-boggling pills they are further separated from reality and mental awareness and any real help.

When God is dealing with a person by permitting buffeting of same nature, drugs may be employed to mask symptoms, thus delaying the showdown called for by the Lord. We routinely advise persons to leave off all drugs for at least a day before coming for prayer. Strong drugs surround and protect the demons, making it much more difficult to cause them to manifest or come out.

It must be emphasized here that, although we are quite sure of the demonic roots of many of these afflictions, we are still searching for the keys to dislodge all the intruders. The progress made thus far is indeed encouraging, but we are always learning more.”

Dr. J.M. Haggard D.V.M.

The Curse of Sorcery

WHAT YOU, dear Mr. Cool!, are guilty of is siding with Satan against God’s Word. Sorcery (Pharmaika) is totally CONDEMNED by God’s Word (see Ex. 7:11; Isa. 47:9, 12; 57:3; Jer. 27:9; Dan. 2:2; Mal. 3:5; Acts 8:9, 11; 13:6, 8; Rev. 9:21; 18:23; 21:8; 22:15, etc.).


YOU SAID THAT GOD does not make anything bad or evil. Well, Mr. Bible “expert,” please explain Isa 45:7 to me: “I form the light and create DARKNESS; I make peace (national wellbeing, moral EVIL proceeds from the will of men, but physical EVIL proceeds from the will of God), and I create (physical) EVIL—calamity; I am the Lord who does all these things.” The Heb. word “evil” (H7451 Strong’s) is “ra,” which means: “bad, adversity, affliction, calamity, displeasure, distress, grief, mischief, misery, naught, sadness, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked, worse, wretchedness, and wrong.” GOD CREATES THESE BAD THINGS (see also my two 50 page magazines called “Wrath of God.” You’ll probably choke on what the Word of God really says about God and His Workings).


HE IS INFINITELY GOOD as well as POWERFUL…His “goodness” also includes the things I listed, plus more. When necessary, God asserts His omnipotence and absolute supremacy. “Evil” in Isa. 45:7 is evidently put for “war” and its attendant miseries, but not limited to “war.”

The Root Cause

WHILE MEDICINES may help, and sometimes cure, some “problems” cannot be cured until the root cause is dealt with: DEMONS. Jesus dealt with them. We deal with them. People like yourself only deal with “symptoms,” not the “cause.” Marijuana (MJ) may give relief, but it can NEVER CURE or drive out the demons that cause the symptoms. Too often (Satanic) medication is prescribed by duty-bound doctors, counselors, head-professionals etc., not knowing that, as The Hippocratic Oath states, they are dealing with Apollo (the physician and Aesculapius of health).

You, Mr. Cool, should know about Apollyon (Rev. 9:11). He is the god of destruction, medicine, archery, (false) prophecy, music, poetry, and represents the highest type of masculine beauty.

Aesculapius is the god of medicine, the son of Apollo by a demon nymph (note: All gods and goddesses; the caduceus is the staff of Mercury (twined by 2 serpents): god of commerce, messenger of the gods, cleverness, lying, thievery eloquence and travel).

Demonic Influence (DI)

I’M SURE you deal with all this I’ve written about, the drugs and symptoms etc. But you appear to me to be ignorant of spiritual warfare—both good and bad. You really ought to learn about this. Your patients could use some exercised upon them. Demonic influence via the occult (sorcery is part of the occult package) comes into one’s life by:

#1—inherited factors from our parents/grandparents etc. This can be dealt with by breaking evil “soul ties” or “blood-line curses;”

#2—DI can come by personal involvement in what Scripture calls idolatry/whoredoms (see Dt. 18);

#3—DI can also come from curses, spells, hexes etc. placed on us. Proverbs 26:2 tells us: “…so the causeless curse shall not alight” (Amp. Bible). The KJV reads: “…so the curse causeless shall not come.” In other words, there is a reason WHY a curse shall come.

You say: “Be careful what you preach, it can be harmful.” This is true. But what we preach is what Christ preached and practiced. As said already, show me where Christ ever prescribed pills and counseled devils out of people. So, why do you do it? Why didn’t Jesus start some kind of counseling center for troubled people? How about a medical clinic?

Of course I’m not against all medicine. I don’t consider mere aspirins as DEMONIC. Neither do I consider all medical procedures as DEMONIC. But to limit and rely upon these, and to avoid the supernatural, is not trusting God.

Your infatuation with marijuana gives you away–“marijuana is just as beautiful as all of God’s other creations.” Really now. Tell me, aren’t there plants that are highly poisonous?...will kill? Give me a break! Frankly, I do not think MJ is on the same level as pharmaceuticals, but MJ is a hallucinogen, along with peyote etc. I’m not giving you a run-down on drugs here, I’m merely pointing out that JESUS NOR HIS DISCIPLES RELIED ON DRUGS OF ANY KIND. What is, as you say, “insulting” about that? You live in a different realm than I do.

And, may I remind you that God’s creation (as per Genesis 1:1-3:7) was “good,” but all that changed. Tell me, Mr. Cool, what changed? I’ll tell you:

“…CURSED is the ground for thy sake (Adam)…Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field” (v. 17, 18). So, God’s “beautiful creation,” came under a CURSE, as did man and woman. Do you suppose man can use ANYTHING from the earth and not be [negatively] affected? Man’s relationship with nature, like his relationship with God and with his/her fellow humans, IS IN DISORDER!, not beautiful. I don’t think that you’ll even try to tell me that ALL of God’s creation is clean and beautiful, empty of harmful and deadly things. [Not many prescriptions for hemlock water dropwort or poison oak, ivy, or sumac etc.!]You Say…

“…LIKE ALL GOD’S creation’s (sic) miracles can be performed through marijuana.” Talk about “blasphemy!” MJ working miracles? Go through the entire New Testament, show me where Jesus or His disciples practiced sorcery. Their miracles were supernatural. Even Jesus’ “miracle” of the water/wine change was not used for any cure, only to perform a “miracle” so they would believe in Him (see my long study on “Wine: fermented or non-fermented?”).

Enough said. You go on and idolize MJ, I’ll stick to the Scriptures.

Gen. Jim

P.S. With all due respect, I think you’re far more a “humanist” than a “Christian.” Working in the field you work in, I can completely understand where you’re coming from. Both my wife and I worked in the field of counselors. She worked in a large CA medical training hospital plus started the first medical clinic (for women) in Miami, FL under the Salvation Army. We both worked there. They, as you do, believed in psychology/medical industry over and above the Gospel of Christ. We quit!

Yes, I do believe that drugs are the work of Satan in one form or the other. I can’t apologize for my conscience’s sake. While we do practice casting out demons, this in itself is NO CURE ALL. To be free has to come from the person’s heart and will to be free.