Preying Peds

Pt. 4: Academic Pedophile Lobby

Gen. James Green

A UTHOR JUDITH REISMAN has written: “Floyd Martinson, PhD, edited Children and Sex in 1981 with another pedophile advocate, Larry Constantine, PhD. Both men are celebrated for their claims on ‘Infant and Child Sexuality: Capacity and Experience.’” These sickos encourage infant and child sex! Martinson is cited favorably in Paidika, The Journal of Paedophilia (a child molester rag). This extremely SICK RAG states “paedophilia has been, and remains, a legitimate and productive part of the totality of human experience…” (1987, pp. 2, 3, cited in Judith Reisman’s book, Sexual Sabotage, p. 158). This same sicko was a child sexuality “expert” for Playboy magazine. He also reiterated KINSEY’S (FALSE) CLAIMS of infant sexuality (see The Kinsey Corruption, by Judith Reisman. She also wrote Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, 1998, 2000, for more details. Kinsey was really a deranged individual. His “facts” are truly “false,” but used as “truth” by the sickos in education).Playboy magazine (Oct. 1976) wrote: “…consider your wasted youth, when you know that erotic excitement starts in the womb, and that little boys can have orgasms by their first birthday.”

Playboy has helped in the sexual revolution by sexualizing extreme youth, innocence, vulnerability, and submission. This magazine flagrantly glamorizes the adolescent student as a sexual target and perpetuates the sick propaganda of peds—that children solicit sex from adults. This, in turn, turns the wheels of the child porn industry and the child trafficking rings that operate covertly in every state in the “abomination nation.”

Where is The Outrage?

“ONE NY judge,” writes psychiatrist Linnea Smith, “commented that ‘…A society that loses its sense of courage is doomed to extinction.’ Where is the outrage of child advocates, parents, citizens?” She went on to say, “A Society cannot continue to abandon its responsibility to its children for humanitarian reasons as well as its own future” (cited in Playboy: “R & R for Pedophiles;” Action Agenda: Challenging Sexist and Violent Media Through Education and Action 2, 1996, p. 11).

Well, Linnea, America has been silent way too long about all this sex-sickness, let alone abortion and war-mongering etc. Prez elect Trump at least promises to do something about abortion. We’ll wait and see.

Sexperts and Experts?

ALL ACROSS America, for decades now, sexperts/experts tell the sad tale—which is a true one—that child porn feeds pedophiles. All kinds of people are involved. According to Pedowatch (a ped monitoring group), the public libraries are perfect places to download child porn. They are also “safe” places to lure children…a breeding ground for sexual attacks on children. Many attacks go unreported.

Online sexual predators are too numerous to control. Those who work in law enforcement are caught doing the very thing they are supposed to be busting.

Obscenity is so common these days, no arrests are made. Exhibitionism / voyeurism / prostitution / stripping / sadomasochism / bestiality etc. etc. have now become forms of art and entertainment.

It was Kinsey’s pamphleteer, Hugh Hefner, who launched Playboy—a “soft” porn magazine. This launching (after 1957) triggered a mass production of sleazy and deviant porn books/magazines, which in turn, eventually, pumped out sadistic adult/child porn, prostitution, child sex abuse, rape, and general social DISORDER…all the while the Church played Church.

Seven, not Eleven

IN 1950, The Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP) argued that “full responsibility for sexuality” should begin at the “age of 7,” which should be the age of consent (see Psychiatrically Deviated Sex Offenders, Report #9, 1950, p. 2)! The psycho leader of GAP was a twin to Planned Parenthood’s Alan Guttmacher, PhD.

At this time (GAP wanted 7), the age 10 or 11 was even argued against. The advocates for lowering the age relied upon Kinsey’s BULL “After all,” they claimed, “according to Kinsey, sex with children is benign.” Therefore, these predators argued, “it was wise to consider 10-year-old / 11-year-old children as sexually awakened.”


This of course would cause the legislatures and courts to liberalize state laws against rape, child sex, incest, and erase criminal penalties for sex offenders. After all, Kinsey was their scientific authority for all these changes.

These sex perverts/sex predators never give up. They work while the Church sleeps. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT AMERICA GROWS MORE ANTI-CHRIST BY THE DAY? IT IS TIME TO BLOW THEIR COVER.


THE NORTH American Man-Boy Love Association wrote in The Case for Abolishing Age Consent Laws (1981, p. 96):

“Gay liberationists in general, and boy-lovers in particular, should know Kinsey’s work and hold it dear…Implicit in Kinsey is the struggle we fight today.”

Those who fight against these psychopaths know very well that they fill ranks of political/religious parties/offices. This child molestation stuff is DEEP and WIDE. But not too deep or wide that God can’t expose their covert/clandestine operations. Our first major persecution came when we started exposing queers in the government, and in the BIG Churches in Sacramento, CA in the early 1980's. They HATE to be exposed…and will do anything and everything not to be. We weren’t even exposing child molesters back then, only queers/lesbians, but we dealt with cases of child sex nevertheless.

Supreme Court

PERVERTS COME from the lowest stations to the highest offices in the land. Obama has used the Supreme Court to get his way in passing much of his “Pink” bureaucratic slime. The U.S. legal system is highly INFECTED with these vermin. They use the system to “change” (Obama’s favorite word) the old laws into new laws/rights that favor their sickness.

America’s children, yea, this nation’s culture are held HOSTAGE to many thousands of closeted political (and religious/military) operatives, yes, the military is involved in child trafficking and other odious black ops (CIA helping). One of the major ops (operations) during the Viet Nam was placing drugs inside dead GIs and shipping them and the drugs back home…to the military bases. I was a conscript in those days till I quit (then eventually got an honorable medical discharge)!

Big Cover Up!

AS I WRITE, the big cover up of pizzagate (ped rings) is possible by the media (who are part of the “left”) and government agencies highly involved in pedophilia. They skillfully and systematically COVER UP the terrifying (like in “Pink Jihad”), ONGOING increase in SEX CRIMES against children. These predatory crimes are avoided by the media the best they can. But I believe God will step in and have His way…eventually. Sure, the underground media does their share, but the Big Time media outlets are controlled by the “shadow government” which are full of child perverts.

It is a well known FACT that when sicko Kinsey first published his “Female” (research) volume, the good ol FBI began the great cover up ops of child abuse. In 1957-58 they dropped child victims under age 12. Why? They were “guided” by an anonymous group of outside “experts.” HA! they were guided by child molesters themselves.

It is pointed out that in the past, with Kinsey’s sexual revolution, almost 80 out of 100 sex-crime victims were minors (as reported by those insiders who slipped/leaked this data. These database systemites who are true to the cause (of reporting), tell us that they are ordered to be silent—hide true data neatly away in complex statistical analyses. After all, Americans really don’t want to know the ugly truth these would tell–the true data on just how BAD things are in “Christian” would shatter the rosy illusion/delusion, as Reisman said, “that our highly eroticized society is a nice, safe, and free society” (ibid p. 288).

If the FBI has to come clean they will tell us that things are getting worse, not better. Even a blind person can tell us that the credibility of statistics coming from the nation are FAKED and the research to “cover it up” is shameful…and slipping decimal after decimal.